NEWSFLASH: It's Working!!!

Push It Good

I've been coasting on air all day since weighing in this morning. I'm SO excited about the progress evident on the scale. I just hope the results continue throughout the coming months, for a dramatic weight loss. Fingers are crossed! Toes too!

We kind of puttered around all morning after rising early, around 0800 (except Rob, who slept 'til 10, I think). I read a chapter in my book, something like Success Secrets of Weight Loss Surgery Patients, in an effort to do my very best with this. Fed the kids breakfast. Checked email. You know, the usual.

In the afternoon, I went upstairs to shower and then dive into the laundry. Once again, it is super out-of-control because I haven't been doing it since before surgery. Rob does it when he can... so I had him lifting baskets onto the bed for me, and changing loads, while I folded and had Chloë help me put them away. It took a long while, but we got as much done as we could, and now there are plenty of clothes for school next week.

Then the kids had a quick lunch, before Chloë and I went out to sell Girl Scout cookies. That was an hour of our lives we'll never get back. Two people were home and bought from her. Everyone else was either out or said no. It was frustrating to me, so I imagine it bothered her. Maybe we'll try again tomorrow, I don't know. The weather was 67º and beautiful, so I'm thinking people didn't want to be housebound after the chill we've had lately.

When we returned home, Rob was outside working on his motorcycle, and the Nonnies were napping.  I soon realized that I was out of protein shakes, out of cheese, out of yogurt... out of sustenance! I went outside to inform The Bob of this condition, and his reply was for me to go to the store. Well, hm. I guess I could... Yeah, why not?

I took Chloë with me and debated whether to ride around in the "invalid cart," as I call it. I thought, what the hell, I'll try walking.

Well, that was the highlight of my day. I walked the entire store and got back to the van with no pain! I wasn't in agony by the time I unloaded our shopping cart, rushing to get behind the wheel and sit down. Nope, I took my time walking the cart back and getting into my seat, buckling the belt with ease. It's so exciting to think that maybe, just maybe, the issues with my back will soon be a thing of the past.

Rob was still working on the bike well into the evening, after the Littles woke up. Jack and Chloë visited him out there for a while as Sophia slept, but after dark they all came in and played with me in the living room. Rob finally finished and made them PB&J for dinner, and then we again retired to the living room for some Noggin time.

After they went to bed, I hopped on the treadmill. I thought after my grocery trip I'd be able to walk for a long time, but I only made it 5:15, a half-minute increase, before my back gave up and I couldn't breathe. Ah, well. I'll keep working it. I can't wait to be cleared for other kinds of exercise, though, so I can vary it a bit. And get a Wii Fit when our refund comes in!

Well, I have a date with my DVR to catch up on some shows. How was your Saturday?