That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles

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Oscar Night! Did you watch? Well, it's too early in the blahg for that chat just yet. We'll get back to 'er.

I weighed in this morning. Another three pounds gone forever - I'm down 36 pounds total! Wheee!  (And no, you can't tell  yet. I can feel it - the way I move, the way my clothes fit - but I cannot see it. Nor has anyone else noticed. When you're as fat as I am, 36 lbs is a drop in the chubby bucket.)

I spent the entire afternoon with Chloë, driving around our little section of the barrio and delivering Girl Scout cookies. I never expected to take so long doing so, but it is what it is. Er, was. Whatever.

We went out, dropped off a few packages, and ran home to replenish one variety. And so it went. We'd go out, deliver like crazy, and run home to refill. It was an extremely successful day; out of 57 customers to whom we had to deliver, we only have 14 left! And most of those, hopefully, will be home tomorrow night.

We stopped 3/4 of the way through our list to go home for a bathroom and lunch break. And get out of the weather. What crazy weather we had today!  When we left home around noon, it was raining. Well, drizzling. But like the postal workers, we deliver, rain or shine. During our break at home, it hailed. Or precipitated some form of frozen rain, who knows what it was technically called? By the time we left again, it was snowing.  Then it turned to rain again. In some places, the sun shone, and we were actually warm. But most of the time, we froze and I had the heat blasting on Chloë in the back seat. iQue loco!

Another observation I had today: if dentists are the most hated profession, Girl Scout cookie, uh, deliverers has to be the most beloved.  We had surly people come to the door, spit out, "Yeah?" and then immediately brighten up and shout, "MY COOKIES!!!" People literally laughing, jumping up and down, running out to greet us, and yelling about their cookies! So many people said, "We thought you forgot about us! We've been thinking about our cookies for days!"  Sorry, folks. Got a little busy with booths, there...! It was definitely more fun to deliver than to sell.

When we got home, the Littles were napping, and Chloë went off to snack or play or something, while I again did the number game. Figuring how much we had left vs. how much we actually needed (oops, we're only 16 boxes ahead and need 41 for Gift of Caring; guess I'll be pulling from the troop order for that!); calculating how much money she should have vs. how much she actually did (we were over, thank goodness, due to donations); adding up all the moolah and adding it to the booth sales for my big bank run tomorrah, etc.  At some point, Rob commented that "no one told me I had to be the cookie chair," but the truth is, I enjoy it. And I not-so-secretly don't trust any of the other moms in our troop to do the job as conscientiously. Hee.

Oh! You know what else I'm excited about? Guess! Guess! No, not that. No! Wrong. Okay, okay, I'll tell you: Our refund came in, and I ordered our Wii and Wii Fit today! I got them off of, via our school's fundraiser link (I love kickbacks for a good cause), and bam! They should be here within a week. I cannot wait to get to work on something way more fun than walking on the treadmill. Don't get me wrong. I'll still do my walking (though I've taken off way too many days in the interest of keeping some of the paltry calories I'd taken in lately), but now I can mix it up a bit.  I'm not quite ready to jump back into Pilates and work my still-healing "core"!

Speaking of calories... and protein, and fluids, I've done much better this weekend. I went over my required 90g of protein last night, which is great! I won't quite hit it today, but it's up there. And I've had more energy and no need of naps. So, hurrah. But when you can only take in a medicine cup worth of food or fluids every 15 minutes, it's hard, man.

Eventually, it was time for me to commandeer the television - much to my son's chagrin - and turn on the Oscar red carpet preview. I'm kind of "over" awards shows in general, but I lurve the Oscars. I never get tired of them. So I settled on the couch with my knitting and went to work. And by "work," I mean lots and lots of boring straight stockinette stitch accompanied by lots of impromptu sobbing fits over acceptance speeches and, sometimes, God knows what.  I'm emotional lately. "Lately" meaning, since birth.


Speaking of sobbing, hello, Heath Ledger? Don't tell me I was the only one. I went through two tissues when he won. Where was Matilda? I'd have liked to have seen her. My cynical husband said he only won because he died, and he's probably right, but I don't give a damn. I loved Heath.

Also, was anyone else pissed about the dead people montage? What the hell was that?!! Rob and I were both annoyed at the way they produced that. I mean, we could hear Queen Latifah - did we really need to see her while that was going on? And what was with the floating all over the screen? That's normally my favorite part of the night, but it sucked big donkey butt this time. You couldn't even read half the names! Gah!

Again, I say, anyway.

I needed to send the director of Chloë's next film, An Origin, pictures of her in some of her fancier dresses. So I sent her up to collect five of them, and we played fashion show. Two were of the dresses she wore to iPOP last year, and the third was her dress in the Christmas pictures, so you've seen them already. Here are the other two:


She loves that one.


I don't think she's ever worn that one, since the time she tried it on after I bought it, so she was excited to put it on! Guess I better let that be her Easter dress at least, huh?

I still had my camera out, so Sophia asked me to take a few pictures of her. Of course, she had to pose Soap-style, so this is what we came up with:


Thumb still visibly wet from some major sucking!


"My shirt says it all!"


"Look, my hair is finally growing back in!"


Then she said, "Mommy, do this!" and I did, and she took a picture, and here it is. Please ignore my unbrushed hair.

She absconded with my camera after that and took a trillion pictures of things important to a Sophie. Here are a few:


Yep. It's a ceiling.


Mommy's over-the-couch shark picture


The inside of Chloë's guitar. (Which she then handed to me and insisted I sing and play. We do that a lot. I make up goofy songs, and the kids laugh and laugh and beg for more. Rob doesn't seem to enjoy it as much as we do!)


Le Treadmill, which she is forever getting on and being yelled at to get off


I call this: Dog Hair on Fireplace


Two of her very favorite toys, the play kitchen and the Smart Cycle


Close-up of the Bouncer-to-Toddler Rocker that has served us well over the past 7½ years!


Extreme close-up of... no clue!


I just love the expression on Jack's face, as he's caught in the middle of playing with his trucks. And now that he's noticed what Soapy's doing, a fight ensues over Mommy's camera. I don't think so!!


Her big sister, oblivious to the Oscars, the toys spread everywhere, and her camera-wielding baby sister, reading her latest Highlights Magazine


The Bounce House


And finally, I don't know where she was looking when she took this, but dear God, Rob, would you please carry the vacuum back downstairs??!

Okay, so that was a bit more than "a few" pictures, so sue me.  I think they're cute.

I'll leave you at last with this look at the knitting I did tonight on the wee kimono:


I just love the interesting colorplay in this yarn from 2DI4 Independently Dyed Yarn. It's beautimous.

Have a good week, y'all!