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Thinking Day

So Shana left yesterday. I'm embarrassed to say I only took this ONE picture during her visit:


Shana insisted on helping Chloë with her homework Monday night. I was kind of bad; instead of making her sit at her desk or at the kitchen table, I let her do it in front of the TV while we all watched Madagascar II. But it was okay, they got 'er done. 


I have just been feeling CRAPPEH these last few days. I still have my cold, and it is completely kicking my butt. It wouldn't be so bad, but I have this awful cough - deep down in my chest - and it hurts and is constant and wears me out. So I haven't been much of a fun mom all week, and today wasn't any different. I'm hoping things clear up before I have to spent all weekend outside at our cookie booth sales!

So anyway, Sophia and I just cuddled up and watched a bunch of PBS Kids this morning. And that was it. Other than at 10 am when a Brownies mom came to pick up her daughter's cookies. Sophia tried to give away Chloë's cookies; good thing I marked all the boxes with the proper girl's name!

When Jack came home, it was such a relief. I fed them lunch and then immediately put them down for naps. Ahh! Naptime for me. I was out instantly and stayed that way until Rob came home at 1500.

Then it was go-time.

Rob helped Sophia dress for her dance class. When Chloë came in from school, we fetched the cookies we needed for her three dance teachers and left. It was pouring out, so not a fun drive, and I had to carry the girls in and out of the van to the studio. After Soap went into her class, Chloë brought the cookies inside and delivered them to two of the instructors; Miss Sally wasn't there. And Miss Darlene paid her extra for a donation, which was nice. She's really awesome - love her!

When Chloë came back out, she dressed for Jazz and then climbed into the back and chattered up a storm to herself about heaven-knows-what. I was reading my magazine, although I tried to listen to her. I couldn't make much out, though, but it sure was amusing.

The girls switched classes, and Sophia shrieked "MOMMY!" and jumped into my arms when she saw me. I never get tired of that!

We drove down the road apiece so I could get my pintos & cheese from Taco Bell. Sophia needed a snack, so I bought her some nachos. Um, not a great idea, letting her have those in the car. When we arrived home after dance, I found chips all over the seat and half the cup of cheese upside down on the side. At least it wasn't on the carpeted part!

We dropped off Sophia, and Chloë quickly changed, went potty (me too) and grabbed her Brownies vest. I took more cookies to deliver to my friend T. from Bunco, and off we went. I didn't *quite* know where I was going, but I followed the traffic and found our destination (a local high school) easily enough. It was jam-packed with Girl Scouts of all ages, and they were all carrying their stuff for Thinking Day.

Thinking Day is, I think?, the anniversary of the start of Girl Scouts. It's a day when Girl Scouts think about other Scouts around the world and learn about their different countries. Each troop picks a country, and they make the flag and other items to swap, along with that country's foods for the other troops to sample. I knew she was going to have a great time.

I brought her into school and found our leaders right away, somehow, in that massive crowd. Phew. Then I went out and found another mom, who invited Chlo to her daughter's birthday party on Saturday. If she goes, it will be right from one booth sale to the party, and back for another booth. Ay ay ay. I'm debating.

When I left, I drove to T's house and delivered her cookies. She's quite pregnant, but I couldn't carry her cookies in past the front door for her, because I'd stepped in mud and didn't want to ruin her white rugs. Ah, well.

I went home and immediately regretted not giving Chloë her camera to take pictures of the event for her Brownies scrapbook. Darn it, this damn camnesia! But I console myself with the knowledge that she probably would have dropped it, or not had time, or lost it, or forgotten...

At home, Rob fed the Littles and himself some pizza while I looked on longingly. I have to wait a whole 'nother week to see my surgeon and get cleared for solid foods, because my original appointment was the day of Chloë's upcoming commercial. Gah! I want FOOD. Not that I can go and chow down on some pizza, but, y'know. It looked GOOD.

I also talked to my dad, who just got engaged on Valentine's Day. He plans to marry for the FIFTH TIME this summer. And that's all I have to say about that!

After a while, it was time to pick up Curly Sue. I waited in the hall with all the other parents, and finally she came bounding out. So excited! So happy! So chipper! She had a bag full of her swaps and couldn't wait to show them to me, but I convinced her to do it at home so we could get out of the fray.

Brett's mom met me at the van to pick up her cookies (since I'm the troop cookie chair, I have everyone's orders) and sign her receipts. Then Jenna's mom drove up and picked up her cookies from me. Ahhhh. Now all I have in the office are Chloë's cookies and those for the booths. Yay, a little breathing room.


Here's Chloë at home, showing off the lei she made at Thinking Day, along with the French flag pin she made herself. Her swaps included kiwis from New Zealand, the Canadian maple leaf flag, a pineapple from  Hawaii, a German flag pin, and some other cool stuff. When the girls get their swap hats from our troop leader, she'll have 10 fun things to put on it!

I wrote her teacher a note, basically excusing Chloë from tonight's homework because she was such a busy little girl tonight. So off they went to bed, and now I'm all alone again, contemplating how I can boost my protein intake for the day.  Just FYI: Champion Pure Whey Cookies & Cream shakes SUCK!!!

Happy Hump Day, y'all. ☻