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Valentine's Day

I guess I'm back.


Yesterday, Sophia set up Chloë's Mama & Baby Webkinz Goggles (some weird made-up creature) in a loving embrace


Jack and Sophie were all smiles when Jack came home from school bearing a loot bag full of candy. Normally he's a grouch when he gets home from school, but throw a good party? He's a happy little boy.


Good-bye, Yellow Brick Road...

So today.

We were going to go out tonight, but Steph and Tim had plans. We were going to go out tomorrow night instead, but my friend Shana is flying in in the afternoon. So we had no grand Valentine's Day, which is fine because neither of us are big on the day anyway.

We have been doing well since moving back into the bed, but we both fell asleep on our respective couches last night and never made it upstairs. I slept from about 10 pm 'til about 10 am! It was a good, deep sleep.

Only, it wasn't good for my back. For the first time since surgery, I was hurting again and not happy about it (duh). I could tell in the shower that things were going to be a problem today. When I threw up after my shower (for the third time since surgery; a most unpleasant thing when your digestive organs have been rearranged), it kind of wrenched my back into place, so there was one plus side to it. But it's still a bit "off."

Everyone was cleaning up when I left for my haircut. I'm attempting to grow my hair back out, but I'm not totally committed to it. My ends have been really ratty-looking. So I went in for a trim but told the girl - not my usual stylist - to "go crazy, do whatever you want." In the end, she put in a bunch of layers all around, and it looked cute and snazzy. A little bit "sweet," but that's just the way she styled it, I think. I like to go a little edgier. But I liked it. I'd have shown a picture, but I didn't get one earlier and have since slept on it. Now it's wrecked.

When I came home, the cleaning was on. The kiddos were upstairs doing their rooms, Rob was cleaning up the kitchen, and so I started on the downstairs bathroom. The house is just... ugh, a mess, so we really needed to get things taken care of before Shana arrives. I miss Barbara! Too bad she doesn't do pro bono work.

Chloë helped me clean up the office after that, and then the kids came down and finished cleaning up the living room. I vacuumed, and things are looking much better now. I can't say much for the upstairs portion of the house, but there's a chance I'll get some of that done tomorrow. If not, eh. We'll just stay downstairs, right?

Our next task was to pick up all of our troop's Girl Scout cookies. I ordered 52 cases to fill my girls' orders and for booth sales, but I'm thinking I may need to order more for booths. Rob cleared out the back of my van, moving all three of the kids' seats up front, and off we went.

Wow!! What a scene at the cookie warehouse. I didn't know what to expect, but it was impressive. There were tons of people working there, helping load scores of minivans (seems like they all were) full of the various troops' cookie orders. We were directed to our Service Unit's area, and then we found our order. I signed for the cookies while Rob and a volunteer loaded the van. I helped with the cookies until my back gave out on me, which sucked. But soon our vehicle was packed to the brim with cookies, and off we went!


This picture cracks me up! Back at home, the kiddos helped Rob unload the cookies from the van to the office, so I can sort them and get them where they need to go. Chloë dropped a box. I'm worried that all those cookies will be broken. Eek!


See that black stain behind Sophia's foot? That's where she painted on the floor...


Jack was so proud of being able to help his daddy!


My big, strong man...

Yes, I totally sat on my fat ass and took pictures while everyone else worked. Why? Well, someone has to break up the monotony of blather on this post!


So Rob's worried about the Littles being around this huge amount of cookies, and I can't say I blame them. They are naughty!! Hopefully I will get them out of the house quickly, and there won't be a problem. Another eek!

After the cookies were in, we decided to use one of our Restaurant.com gift certificates and go out to dinner. We chose a Mexican restaurant, because I'd be able to eat some beans and cheese: it's proteinaceous and mushy, fitting my current food requirements. Imagine our dismay when we got to the location and found it completely stripped and stranded. Closed. No forwarding location. Bah!

I thought we should go home and choose a different certificate (thankfully, Restaurant.com is great about exchanging certificates, for those of you who haven't had this problem yet), but Rob wanted to just go to a different Mexican place so I'd be able to eat something. Agreed. Off we went to El Azteca, where we'd been before.

I chose the first vegetarian entrée, loaded with beans and cheese. I almost forgot that I can't drink with a straw, and then I did forget I can't drink and eat at the same time, so I had this gigantic glass of water staring at me while I ate my spicy beans, and I couldn't take a sip. I didn't like that, but I got used to it.

All three kids had their own meals (a quesadilla, a taco, and an enchilada), and they all devoured them! They did very well eating, to our utmost surprise, especially after enjoying so much chips 'n' salsa. They were given gigantic cups of milk, too, and they all but finished them.  It was a great meal for the kids.

I did well on my meal and had no discomfort until several minutes after I finished. And then, for the first time, I experienced Dumping Syndrome. It varies by person and by experience, but for me, I felt weak, dizzy, my heart was racing, and I just wanted to go HOME. Now.

Eventually, I went out to the car with Chloë so I could get more comfortable. I sat there a few minutes and then weakly called to Chlo to get my phone for me. I called Rob and said, "I need to go home. I need to go home." He was hurrying to pay, but suddenly my stomach and intestines were in a world of hurt and I needed to GO.  It was miserable.

Rob sped home as fast as he could, and I raced into the house. Phew. I made it. LOL  They, uh, call it Dumping Syndrome for a reason!  Afterward, I passed out on the couch for several hours, and then I felt fine. I don't know why the beans and cheese there affected me so much when I can eat Taco Bell's pintos and cheese just fine. It's weird.

The kids went down for naps when we got home from dinner. That was six hours ago, and we haven't heard from any of them since. Guess they were tired!

I got back on the treadmill tonight and did 20 minutes! My back was hurting starting at about 5 minutes in, but I pushed through it and kept going. I was definitely ready to get off at 20, but it felt good! Twenty is definitely a more respectable amount than two, yes?

Ugh, Rob's eating his leftover Mexican food right now. Just looking at it makes my tummy rumble. On that note, hope you had a great day with your loved one(s)!