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Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!


Well, I miss my van. Not that it's really gone, it's just gone for me during the day. Rob didn't get his motorcycle license this weekend after all. He didn't fail the test; he just never took it. There was some mix-up with the proof of insurance for the bike, and, well, here we are with another week of him taking my ride to work.

I do not like it, Sam I am.

I had promised a friend of mine I'd bring her her cookie order at 1300 today. Well, 1300 rolls around, and I'm just about to start getting the kidlets ready for the ride when, lo and behold, I realize I don't have any way to get there!

I really don't know what Rob is going to do on Thursday when I have to take Chloë up north for her commercial all day.


The Nons and I had a fun day of playing. Well, they did. They mostly wanted to play by themselves and not have motherly involvement, though I tried to get down in there and play with them. Sophia deigned to feed me a few of her play kitchen concoctions, but that was about it. Mostly she dressed up, "cooked," and played with Mr. Potato Head, while Jack took apart and put back together two of his trucks.

Before I forget, Stephanie is pregnant! I'm excited for her and hope like hell this one will stick. I think it will. Things feel good. She got it confirmed by blood test today and will go again to be checked out on Wednesday. Yay, Stim!!

Rob came home just in time for Chloë and me to leave for dance class. Once there, she delivered Miss Sally her cookies and then went in to Tap. I drove around the corner to the bank and deposited over a grand worth of cookie money. Phew! I don't like having that much of someone else's cash sitting around in the house, y'know?

Then I drove to my friend Chris from Bunco to deliver her cookies. Well, her husband's - she's sending them to him in the Middle East. We had a good little talk about everything, and yay! She said I looked good and could tell I had lost weight. My first comment about that! Exciting.

I only had 15 minutes to knit, by the time I got back to dance class, but knit I did. I'm almost finished with the back and will wrap it up after I do this. Maybe. Or maybe I'll just go to sleep...

When we came home, she changed out of her dance attire and into her street clothes, and then we delivered some more cookies. Only to about four houses, but now we're almost done with that. Such a relief; the delivery this year has gone much more smoothly than last year when I had to track people all over creation for weeks to get their money.

At 8, I did my 20 minutes on the treadmill. And I know it isn't much, but I also amped it up another tenth of a mile per hour and put it on a 1.0 incline to burn a few more calories. I suppose I could have kept going another few minutes, but I didn't. Perhaps tomorrow!

After the kids went to bed, I ran to the grocery store to get my free Monday Redbox movie. I chose Nights in Rodanthe. Have you seen it? I planned to watch it after this while I did my knitting, but I'm seriously tired and may watch in the morning.

I also ran into the store while I was there, ostensibly to get a couple gallons of milk for the kids, but I ended up with an armful of snacks for me, too: Hummus, sugar-free pudding, and cheese. It always amazes me how little protein is in the store-bought hummus (and probably mine, too), considering  that it's all bean mush. What up with that?

I guess I'll go flop on the couch now, and see what happens. How was your day?