The Source Of My Excitement

Beachy BSJ


Welp, aside from the buttons, which Stephanie will need to pick out for me on her next visit to our house, I finished my third (fourth?) Baby Surprise Jacket [ravelink] last night.

The blue/green/yellow variegated yarn is the wonderful, but sadly discontinued, Organic DK yarn from Cherry Tree Hill. As I said, I looked everywhere online for more of it, so I could make this all in that yarn, but it was nowhere to be found. Finally, I gave in and found the corresponding yellow in my stash, Bravo Baby from Schachenmayr nomotta.  Yes, that's right, I combined a wool with an acrylic. Do you think it goes well enough with the other?

This sweater was done on size 8 straight needles; perhaps I could've made the whole sweater if I'd done it smaller. But I'm happy with it.

I was going to attempt my first applied i-cord all around the edges, but I wimped out and did a row of single crochet around all the green edges. I even seamed up the sleeves with crochet. I rather like the effect, although the neck could possibly have turned out a little better, at least on the right side.


In the end, though it wasn't what I originally started out to make, I'm happy with the sweater. Next time, though, I will do that i-cord!

Up next: either an EZ bonnet or EZ longies. I haven't decided.