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Wordless Wednesday - That Hair!!

Down In The Dumps

So I'm convinced I have MRSA. There's some stuff all over my neck. I should probably get to a dermatologist or something.


Rob didn't come home early and surprise me today. I was hoping he would, but nope.  I get spoiled easily!

Hmm... Oh. After the kids went off to school, I crawled back up in the bed until 10, when Sophia woke up. Thank God she slept in later than usual; I didn't get to sleep for doody last night. I was still pretty tired, so the rest of our morning wasn't very active. We mostly cuddled and played kitchen.

This afternoon, they napped, and I napped some more, while Rob took Curly Girl to dance class. When they got up, I asked if they wanted to fingerpaint, and the answer was a resounding YES!


I believe both the Crayola paints and the Crayola sticky mats came from Grandma. They love to use them, but since they reside on the top of the refrigerator, I rarely think of them.


The kids absolutely love them. I only had red, yellow and green, and they kept begging for purple, orange and blue.  Well, they made orange, but then everything got all mixed up, to become a lovely shade of barf green. Seriously, looking at them covered in it and watching it drip off their hands, I wanted to hurl! But I sat there and enjoyed them enjoying themselves like a champ.


They were pretty great. Each wrote their names and some other letters in the paint, and then they drew some basic shapes. Jack even drew a picture of Spongebob Squarepants, although he smeared it all up again before I could snap a picture.

After they filthed themselves up quite spectacularly, I took them one at a time, nakey, into the kitchen sink for a sponge bath. They both got quite a kick out of being naked in the sink, although not so much the scrubbing Mommy was giving them! Afterward, Jack fetched my special Royal Almond lotion, and I gave them each a rubdown to make them soft and smelly-good again. I got to rub soft tushies, yay!




Rob snapped these pictures of the kids showing off their 'guns,' and he was most impressed with Sophia's. I don't know, I think Jack has a nice set, too!

My dinner didn't go so well. They had pesto sauce and shells, plus corn, so I was out of that game. I made myself some protein tomato soup and then had a protein bar. It proved to be too much, somehow, I don't know, but on came my second bout with Dumping Syndrome. I knew in the middle of the bar that something was 'off,' and then came the shakes, the weakness, the upset tummy and the whole shabang that goes with it. Oh, it's miserable. I don't wish that on... well, any of you readers, anyway! Hehe.  This time, it was all over much faster than the first time, so that was good.


I did make a bunch of progress on the BSJ today, off and on during the day, but I don't think I'll have it finished by tomorrow as hoped. Oh, well, I'll still try! Definitely by Thursday, I think. I just love this yarn. It gives good squeeze. I'm starting to worry that I'll run out of yarn before I run out of pattern, though. And it's discontinued...eep!

Oh, also, I helped Jack with his homework, as usual. First, we read two books (with Sophia perched precariously on the back of the couch to follow along) from the Prize bucket. Then he wrote three words each that rhymed with "pen" and "hit." (Rob wouldn't let us use "tit.") Finally, we went over his sight words. Let me tell you, he is improving by leaps and bounds! And suddenly he is really responding to all the praise, and I'm way overdoing it when he gets a word right.  It was funny, when he missed one and I didn't smile and squeal and chill, he put his fingers to the corners of my mouth and said, "No, make a smile, Mommy!" But he missed eight, and the second time we went through, he only missed four of those, and then none on the third try! I told him when he gets them all right on the first try, we'll make lollipops. Hopefully soon!

Well, I'm off to Wii. Still no sign of my darn nunchuk, and I want to box. Hmph.