A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

Friday Fragments



Hey, check out what I got for last week's bloglet asking if birds fart:



Thanks, Mrs. 4444! I'm excited!

**** I like the way Sophie pronounces stuff. Lollipops are "lily pops," hula hoops are "hoolie hoops," warm is "worm," and booger is "burger." So cute!

**** Being sick is no good for my newfound housekeeping skills. I've gotten virtually nothing done, and I hate it. Must get better!

**** Also being sick, my garbage can is full of nothing but tissues and popsicle sticks. I'm sure there's an art project in there somwhere? Ew.

**** This is probably TMI, but I love testicles. There is something so fun about organs having their own little bag of skin to hang around in.Wouldn't it be cool if all our organs had their own bag of skin? Think of the clothes-shopping nightmares, though!

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