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Happy Birthday, My Sons

Hard to believe, but six years ago today, my two beautiful boys, Robert "Robby" William and Jack River were born. It was a tumultuous entrance into the world, but you can read that story here, if you wish.

Jack, my handsome son, my wish for you is that you grow up just as big and strong as you were meant to be, no more and no less. I want for you to know that you are and will always be a twin, and that even without him by your side, playing soccer with you and getting into an abundance of naughtiness, he is a part of you. You are not alone in this life; Robby's spirit walks hand in hand with yours as your own personal guardian angel.  I want you to grow up to be a good man like your father, caring and gentle, loving and kind, always protective of those whom he loves, yet strong enough to take a stand when he believes in something. Always do the right thing. Love yourself. And call your mother!


Newborn Jack


At one month


Two months old, with Mama


Five months

Jack two

Two years old!


Jack at three years old!


Jack at four!


The birthday boy at six years old!!  Love you, buddy!

For Robby:


(Can you spot the balloons? Sorry, the sun was in my eyes, so I kind of just held up the camera and shot a picture without looking.)

We love you and miss you, Sweet Angel. Enjoy your heavenly party!