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Down In The Dumps

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First things first: Check out Steph's blog for her baby's first portraits! S/he's teeny weeny, but definitely there! Yay!

Phew, I'm sweaty and gross right now. (As opposed to what, my husband might say, before I kick him in the nuts.) (Not really.) I just got off the Wii Fit, where I set new records on every exercise I tried, and where I hit an all-time low Wii Fit age of 26!! Woohoo! I didn't know you could go lower than your real age!  So that was a rush.  The only bad part is that I can't find the nunchuk that goes with the Wii. I unlocked the boxing yesterday and loved it, but you can't do it without the nunchuk. I bet the Littles have done something with it...


(I just took this picture, so once again, sorry for the ugly flash picture. Maybe when it's finished, I'll actually take it in daylight!) I'm making decent progress on the new BSJ (Baby Surprise Jacket) with a wonderful new yarn. More details about that when it's finished. This isn't the yarn I was thinking of using, but I decided to go what seems to me to be a perfectly unisex selection. I normally don't go for unisex - not for any particular reason, I guess - but this is a really nice fiber. And it's called "Life's a Beach," so how could I resist?

Rob surprised me this morning around 0900, when Sophia was still asleep and I, wonder of wonders, was wide awake and doing Cookie Sale work on the computer. I heard a scuffle at the door and thought it was one of the pets, but then he came up behind me and scared the living daylights out of me. (He's a sneaker-upper, he is!) But since I didn't expect him for another 6 hours, I forgave him.

I may complain about him, and we may irritate the snot out of each other sometimes, but I'm madly in love with him and adore spending time with him. So extra time is icing on the sweet, sweet cake!

Eventually, Soap woke up, and she wanted nothing more at first than to cuddle with her daddy. I sat there, knitting away and watching the two of them under my lashes. Is there anything better than watching your husband and your child show each other unabashed affection? I'd wager to say, there is not.

Later on, he had to return to work, so when Jack came home, it was like any other day. He wasn't gone long, though; maybe two hours. I missed him anyway.

Soon, the Nonnies were put down for naps, and Rob and I cuddled on the couch and fell asleep ourselves. Coziness. We slept 'til Chloë came home. Actually, past that, until it was time to go to dance class. 

Rob took her, while I cleaned the downstairs. I still have to do the bathroom(s), but I picked up and then vacuumed. Seems like vacuuming is an everyday chore. According to something I read, you should vacuum add up all the people in your household, and all the pets, and vacuum that number of times per week. Ours is eight. So, yeah, sounds about right!

Everything happened at once, then. Rob and Chloë came home, the flooring man came for his appointment, and Sophia and then Jack awoke. The man was a little taken aback with all the commotion of kids everywhere, dog barking, and everything, but we brought him downstairs and got things settled.

He measured the downstairs while we pored over laminate wood flooring samples. I know all the complaints about laminate wood, but that's what we've decided on, so no need to tell me in the comments. ;) Our carpet is ruined and we can't afford real hardwood, and that's what we want. We chose a few different models or whatever, and then he gave us his spiel and the numbers. 

It's a bit more than I was prepared to spend. Like, twice as much.  Rob seems to think we have that money just lying around, but ha! hahaha! What is he smoking?! So we'll see when and if this project actually takes shape. I'd like to do it right away, because everyone is tired of stepping on sharp rub tack thingies and, well, there's a huge portion of concrete slab exposed in the hallway. Not to mention the paint on the office floor, the chewed-up part in the living room from when Lily was a puppy, mud stains... Oy.

Anyway, that's about it. We had dinner, and I kept it down this time. Even managed a tiny bite or two of potatoes.  I had to leave the table early pick up more Girl Scout cookies (our sale's been extended by two weeks, ay ay ay!) and may go out again later to pick up our free Redbox rental.

Off to knit, finish watching CSI: Miami, and do 10 more minutes of Wii.  Ta!