Death Warmed Over

Late-Season Flu?

I have been feeling bad since Monday, and as of today, I am quite certain I have the flu. Observe:


- Achy and tender joints all over (esp in my hips, for some reason)

- Alternating chills and fever

- Headache

- Upset tummy (yesterday)

- Cough, deep in my chest, the kind where you feel like your lungs are ripping out

- Lots of sinus pressure

- Stuffy, runny nose

Sounds like it, right? So, I never take anything for colds or flu. Ever. I prefer to tough it out, usually. But this time, I feel absolutely terrible, and I have no idea what to take, other than multiple naps on the couch, alternating between covered in three blankets and kicking them off me.

Screw this, man.