Happy Birthday, My Sons
Fresh Spring Air

Monday Night Picture Show

No news for today; I'm still feeling poorly and now Jack and Sophia are getting sick, too. Lovely, just in time for Spring Break. I'm feeling anxious that everyone's going to be sick for our trip to Great Wolf Lodge and not have a great time. So, I'm praying that doesn't happen!

Anyway, I've finally been able to upload the pictures off my camera, so I thought I'd show some from the last several days.


"Look at me, Mama!" she shouted, giggling. That cat looks as big as she is! (But don'tcha wanna just reach in there and ruffle that furry belly?)


Outside of Toys 'R Us, examining the cars he got with his $3 birthday card from Geoffrey


This one amuses me. We were sitting in a round booth at the Silver Diner, and Chloë kept crawling over to Jack's place and bothering him. So I told her, "Come here, and sit your butt on the seat!" But I didn't stop there, out of silliness: "Stick your right thumb in the air! Put your left thumb on your bellybutton! Cross your eyes! Stick out your tongue! Say nyah, nyah, nyah!" I snapped each one at her faux-angrily, like an order, and she would comply obediently. I said the whole thing again each time she would start to creep over toward Jack, the whole thumb-thumb-tongue-eye-nyah routine, and she would snap to it. Funny!


After lunch, I promised the kids they could have one of those fancy lollipops from Williams-Sonoma. I held out the bucket, they made their selections, and then they went to town ripping off the wrappers in unison. Hungry hungry hippos!


Rob in his flight suit & vest


The happy birthday boy opening his presents (this was yet another car from Aunt Stacey)


The big rocketship that's been on his mind nonstop for a month, and has barely left his hands since!


The awesome (if I may say so myself!) cake that I slaved over for hours, trying to get just right. When he saw it, he breathed, "It's beautiful, Mommy." High praise coming from Jack. He was thrilled with it, which made me so happy.


...and then we ruined it! Jack decided he still wanted the Diego candle on his cake, so I told him to tell me exactly where to put it so it wouldn't screw it up. He wasn't upset about it at all, but I cringed!


Shhh! Can't ya hear we're singing the Birthday Song?


Make it a good wish, Little Guy!


Holding the fork is just a pretense.


Strawberry cake innards

And now, save this as a picture and post it on your blog; for Jack: