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Feeling Defensive

Every once in a blue moon, someone'll say something to me, or I'll read something, that makes me feel like doing this blog is the stupidest thing ever. And then I get out of the mood to do it for a day or more. I read a post on another blog about blogging pet peeves, and one of them was people who blog like I do, giving the daily rundown instead of just keeping a private journal somewhere, and then expect to get loyal followers and comments and stuff.

Well, I thought it over, and here's what:

I don't post this blog just to attract people to what I write, gain fans and receive a ton of comments. I have ten or twelve of you who read and comment, either on the blahg or via email, and that is enough for me. I really put myself out there when I do this thing, and truth be told, I don't really want the whole world in my business! I mean, sure, I leave the access open to everyone (most of the time), but this isn't some kind of megablog where I want 235 people every day telling me what I do wrong as a parent, wife, person. I'm thoroughly grateful to those of you who do read and give me feedback, and I absolutely love having you! (But if you lurk here frequently, Cranky_8 )

Just kidding, I've had that forever and have been waiting for the right time to use it! SSig_heeheehee 

So I will reiterate, for those of you who have just joined me or who have forgotten or who bitch about bloggers like myself: I started this blahg because we don't really live near any of our family and most of our friends, since we're a military family. This blog serves as a way to keep in touch with them - at least the ones who like frequent updates and pictures. (Hi, Mom!) Anyone else who reads and has become my bloggy friend is just icing on the cake! (Hi Darci, Gloria, et al.!)

Anyway, I hope you'll stick around and continue to read, but if this isn't your cup of tea, I understand.

...We now return you to your regularly scheduled blahgging...


Wii Kick Ass!!

OMG. I am SO pumped right now!!

First of all, let me just pat myself on the back real quick: For the first time since I was on the all-liquid phase of this thang, I not only met but went OVER my protein (102 g) and liquids (72 oz) goals for today! 'Course I had to drink three protein shakes to do it, and three bottles of water (or was it four?), but whatever works, right? And I got to eat a teeny slice and a half of Pizza Hut pineapple pizza to boot!

But that is so not all. Oh, no no no.

So I had planned all week to take Jack and Sophia on a nature walk when he got home from school today. Why today? Because it was the one day we had nothing else going on, and we could do it at our leisure and then spend the rest of the day making collages or some such project.

However, Mother Nature had other plans, and it has rained - or poured - this. entire. day.


Could we go out in the rain? Sure. But when your kids seem not to have the strongest immune systems, really, you don't want to tempt fate too much. And they don't have rain boots; only Big Sis has them. So I had to come up with other options.



First, I had to prep the kids. Sophie's favoritest dessert in the whole world (thus far) is Schwan's mint chocolate ice cream cones. Since I haven't ordered from there in months, she's been SOL. But last night, the guy caught me, and I figured I'd make My Sweetness happy. So I ordered some. And some other stuff. (Ooh, rats, just remembered I took out the scallops for dinner for tonight. Ah, well.)  After lunch, I made these two as happy as larks and let them have a cone. Joy!

Then, what could we do? Oh! Wii Fit!! I've been meaning to do my exercises in fron of them during the day, instead of waiting until after bedtime. Then, they could see that I actually DO exercise, and they could see how to play things and join in themselves.  This was the perfect opportunity.

So we played. And we played and we played and we played and we played and we played.

We played that thing, all five of us at some point or another, all the way straight from 1430 to 2330. That's right, let me chickadees stay up half-past eleven PM to play on that thing. And we have all had a ball. Chloë and I both racked up over an hour's worth of exercise - my most yet - and Rob also got on it for the first time ever.

We unlocked SO many things tonight! The kids each unlocked game after game - some things I didn't even know were on there, like more and more advanced running - and I unlocked a whole bunch of advanced things tonight! Chloë found my nunchuk, so I was able to box and unlock the advance one. (Man, I SUCK at that!! But I've only done it once so far, and I used to suck at the Advance Step, too. Now I'm a calorie torcher!)

And the Tightrope one. Man, that one is a riot! Not just to play, but to watch other people. When Rob was doing it, I was literally falling out of my chair screaming, yelling and when he fell, dying of laughter. Too freaking funny.  That is, until he managed to cross the whole thing! Then he dared me to do it in front of him. Okay, smarty pants, I will. Not only did I cross it, but I managed to unlock and cross the advanced level, and unlock and cross the expert level! Go me! Go me!

Ooh, ooh, and the water bubble! You know, the balance game (if you have it)? It is SOOOO hard. I have been trying and trying to get to the end of the course, but I keep popping the bubble each time. Well, today, I tried here and I tried there, and finally at the end of the night, the kids made me stay on it until I finished. And I DID!! The kids and I were all cheering and yelling and hooting and hollering, and we woke up Daddy and made him so mad! Hehehehe!

As you can see, I'm excited!!

Oh! Oh! And guess what? Sophie is QUITE the little track star! Her little butt was just running and running, all day and all night long! Every time it was her turn, she just wanted to run. And run she did! She unlocked the advance course, then the island lap course, then another free run! And on the advanced course, she beat her father the first time she did it! Hallegeud, I was so impressed!

Jack was awesome at the soccer heading and table balance games. He's got great balance!

And Chloë is a star at yoga and the strength exercises! I haven't even done any of the strength ones yet!

Anyway, it's been such  a fun day, and I've had a huge blast exercising with my family. After we do our booth sale tomorrow, and hopefully do a grocery trip, I have a feeling  I know how we'll be spending the weekend!


Friday Fragments



I don't normally do this, but I have a few things to list, so I thought I'd jump in the fray!

**** I let Jack and Sophia have a piece of gum this afternoon. I'm blowing bubbles with mine. Sophia is trying to imitate me, but each time, she spits the gum out in my face. Blech!

**** Sophie got into the pantry and ate ALL the fruit snacks, and we're out of anything snacky otherwise. Jack's supposed to bring a snack every day to kindergarten, and I have had to send him to school without one for the past few days. Sadly, it didn't occur to me until he came home today that I could have baked something yummy for him. DUH!

**** Jack is so in love with soccer now that yesterday and today, he "secretly" wore his shin guards to school under his pants! Ha, that kid cracks me up.

**** Sophie has grown out of the second, all-cotton Baby Surprise Jacket I knitted a few years ago. It's completely new-looking and has only been worn maybe twice. I'd say it's a 2T. Anyone interested in a free handknit? (It's nice, I promise.)

I guess that's it for now. If you're fragmenting, link up here on Half-Past Kissin' Time!


Bzz, Bzz: Children's Claritin


I received my latest BzzKit on Wednesday, this time for Children's Claritin Chewable Allergy Tablets

Disclaimer 1: I am a BzzAgent, here to spread the word about products you may or may not have heard about.

Disclaimer 2: As far as I know, my children do not suffer from sesasonal or indoor allergies, and they have never taken this product. I have no personal history with Children's Claritin at all.

So, I am passing along the information that I received from my BzzKit, and you may do with it as you wish. If you have a child with allergies, you can comment below and request the *one* sample box of 10 grape-flavored tablets I received (first response), or a coupon or two for $3.00 off Children's Claritin!

About Children's Claritin, from my BzzKit:

  • It's the #1 pediatrician-recommended non-drowsy brand
  • Provide all-day relief without jitters or drowsiness
  • Comes in chewables, syrup, or RediTabs (no water needed)
  • Relieves runny noses, itchy, watery eyes, and other allergy symptoms
  • Great grape flavor that kids who don't like medicine seem to like (my own words)

Let me know if you have any questions about Children's Claritin, or if you'd like the sample or some coupons! [Please only request the sample if your child(ren) actually DO have allergies!]


Product Review:



Lately, I've been seeing all kinds of Blog Giveaways promoting a free pair of glasses from Those of you who've been with me a while know that I recently had Gastric Bypass surgery (Roux-en-y), and because of that surgery, my vision changed drastically.

I had to go out and buy new glasses to be able to see again - and get rid of the daily migraines - but couldn't afford Rx sunglasses. Which sucks, because even though it's still chilly out half the time, it's very sunny. And the sun in my eyes gives me... migraines!

Sooo... I decided to bypass (heh) the giveaways and go straight to the site myself for a pair of sunglasses. Wow! You can't beat the prices if you're trying to get a cool pair of specs on the cheap!

I ended up buying the Nicole glasses, which I can't seem to find now on there, but the ones above are very similar. Maybe when I get brave (and actually shower, do my hair and makeup...) I'll model them for you, though. For $27.85 + s/h (for a total of $32.30 shipped!), I got the glasses with my new prescription, the sunglass tint of my choice, and anti-scratch and UV coatings!  Hello!!!

I just received the glasses on Wednesday, about 8 days after ordering them, and omg, I LOVE THEM!!! They are so cute, but even better, they fit right, the script is exactly right, and though my eyes are terrible and I didn't pay for anything but the regular lenses, they aren't thick at all! I'm so happy and excited about this site, I had to share it with you. (Disclaimer: I am not receiving anything at ALL for this, either.) They even came with a cute, clear case and a really awesome cleansing cloth that will save money and Mother Nature for not having to buy disposable wipes!

Rob was very skeptical about my doing this, but now he's convinced and we're going to get him a pair, too! The only downside is that they don't have children's glasses, and I really wanted to get Chloë a backup pair or two or three...

Anyway, if you need glasses and have a script (they don't even check that it's current!), and don't want to spend a lot (though you can get spendier ones there, as well), check out - you won't be disappointed.

I regret that I don't have a free pair to giveaway on this site, but it ain't that kind of blahg. I do have a discount code for 5% off to share, but the glasses are currently in the van, and so is the code, at Rob's work. Let me know if you want it, though!


Soccer Mom

Oy. It's been a long day, and I'm tired. But for your sakes (hehe), I'll try and muddle through.

What sucks is, I slept right through my alarm, and we waaaay missed the bus this morning. And I had no van with which to carry the children to school. And Rob couldn't leave work to come and get them.  So we had an unintended day off, which I don't intend to repeat anytime soon.

What doesn't suck is, I weighed in this morning, and I've hit the 50-pound mark today! Yippee!!! It'll be a long time before I reach another level this big, so I'm reveling in the feeling.  I seriously can't believe I've lost fifty pounds, though, because I still can't see the difference. Where the heck did I lose it from?

I did a lot of knitting today, and now, as you probably could tell from the previous post, it's abundantly clear that I will run out of my good yarn. I have yet to find a source for more, so I'm going to have to do something drastic and finish with another completely different kind, I think.  I have more of the same yarn, but in a totally incompatible colorway, so that's out. Suck.

My children were constantly hungry today, and I couldn't seem to feed them anything that would sate their little appetites. They had oatmeal, they had cheesy broccoli, they had yogurts, sunflower seeds, etc. but were all constantly whining they wanted more. A very odd phenomenon, for all three of them to be like that at once. I blame it on the beautifully warm weather we had today.

Nothing really notable about the daytime hours, except that after my shower, I decided we needed a group cuddle on the bed together. They were SO cranky and whiny, I thought we should hug it out.  Once we were all lying down, Sophie sighed and said, "This sure is a big responsibility." Hee! The whining didn't cease, however, and the hungry-monsters persisted. So my dreams of all of us napping that way went down in flames.

We had a busy afternoon and evening. I had another Cookie pickup from our troop leader, and then had to hurry and get the girls dressed for dance class. It was at the very last minute that I remembered I needed to get Jack ready, too! Rob came home just in time, and off we took, only to realize that he'd forgotten his license plates.  I did a quick 180 and was annoyed to find that not only did he not bring them, he hadn't even taken them off the truck yet! So I pissed and moaned while he removed them, and off we took again.

Rob carried Sophia into the dance studio, where she didn't want to leave the cute baby in the waiting room and actually go into class. Then the rest of us drove around the corner so I could deposit some cookie money, before heading back to drop off us girls at the studio.

Chloë and I sat, her dancing around and chatting everyone up, and me reading my Martha Stewart magazine (I got a free subscription that just started, woot!), while the boys went to run their errand. Rob had to turn in the Land Cruiser's license plates to the DMV so I can finally cancel the $%^ing insurance on the thing. Without doing that, bam! An automatic $500 fine. Can't risk that!

They still weren't back, so I sat and waited with Sophia while Chloë danced. She was just as full of excess energy as her big sister, running and tumbling all over the place, while I attempted to read. It wasn't to be, as one of the other moms (of whom I'm not particularly fond) kept chatting me up about her daughter (equally unfond). I'd lift up my mag to read, and she'd bust in on me again. Aack.


At last, with 10 minutes to go, the boys returned. Sophia wanted to stay outside and play while we waited. Rob dug around in the dirt with her for a few minutes, and then she was on her own. Her little bum got so dirty, but she wouldn't let me wipe it off.


I got notice last night that Jack's first soccer practice would be this night (yeah, thanks for the warning, pal), so here's Rob using Vanna's air compressor to blow up his ball. We were supposed to have a #3 soccer ball, and this is a #5, but maybe we'd have had the right thing with a little more notice!


It's hard to capture a baby laughing and tickle her at the same time! (And yes, she is almost four, but she is still my baby!)


Jack waited ever so patiently, though quietly excited, to get his shin guards on and get out onto the soccer field. Finally, his turn!


Practice was already in full swing by the time we got there. I told Coach Mel that we'd be late pretty much every week because of dance class. The soccer practice is nowhere near the studio, unfortunately - it's in BFE. Jack was quick to jump in with his giant-for-him ball. He got in line to kick toward the little goal stand and was eager to give it a go.


He just looked so cute out there, finally doing his own thing, that I took a bajillion pictures and will probably share them all with you! Rob berated me a million times about not putting shorts on him but honestly? I haven't taken the spring/summer clothes out yet, so too bad! He was fine. Really. And we have the soccer socks... somewhere. I'll find 'em for next week.


At last it was Jack's turn to make a goal, and I almost missed it because Sophie was bugging me! You can see the grin on his face, though, even from the back!


Yeah! Coach Mel helps him get it into the goal. Way to go, Buddy!


For the rest of the hour, they were far off down the field, so I couldn't really tell what they were supposed to be doing other than kicking the ball around. He looked great doing it, though - like a natural! I'm sure some of these boys have been playing soccer since they were four, but hopefully he'll catch up and be an old pro soon.


Sophia found a thistle and was very intrigued by it. She and her sister were very antsy throughout the practice. They're used to being the ones rehearsing and having Jack wait for them; now they've got to get used to the other way 'round!


My little Beckham


This is where the team was, across the field, for much of the practice. I used my zoom a lot. :D


Yeah, her undies stuck out of her suddenly-skimpy leotard the whole time. We kept trying to fix it, and she'd shrug it off saying, "Eh, that's okay!" I love her muscular legs and the fact that her hair keeps on growing! (I've probably said that a dozen times, but I'm so excited to be able to put it up again soon!)


This picture of Chloë discovering her own thistle is kind of so atrocious that it amuses me. Hence the inclusion.


This was supposed to be a picture of the tiny flower she was showing me, but I think it just captures Sophia so sweetly...


... and on and on he ran, not even noticing others falling in his wake.


Time for a team huddle. Jack's the little shorty on Coach Mel's left.


Sophia had to go potty soooo badly. So Rob took her around the school grounds, looking for somewhere to "go." The found nothing. She was in agony! We were right off the highway and not anywhere close to anything we knew, so she was SOL, the poor kid.


Coach Mel kept releasing the boys to get their water fixes. Jack would run over so proudly, swig his water, and then take to the field again. He's so big!


Soap finally tuckered out, and I snapped this picture of her in my arms. It's supposed to be vertical, but I love it this way. See? She is still a baby.


The highlight of the evening, for Chloë, was finding and bringing home this ladybug. She was too thrilled. Any other bug, and there'd be a screaming fest, but ladies are okay.


Finally, practice ended, and Coach handed out the kids' home and away t-shirts. Jack was excited to get his, and he kept asking us if he could play soccer again sometime. I don't think he realizes that this time, he gets to stay in it for the whole season! (When he was four, he was signed up, but the coach was an asshole, so we quit after one session.) He was such a happy kid on the field and afterward, and it pleased me deeply. It's great to finally have something for the little guy to do that's "his." (Although Chloë said she wanted to quit dance so she could play soccer, too. Um, I don't think so! Not in the middle of March, anyway!)

We rushed to go get some gas, since the 'empty' light was on and going ding-ding-ding. Then to the grocery store to pick up some side salads for me to take to Bunco. I'd have made hummus, but then I realized we'd be in the car for three-plus hours, and that didn't seem like such a good idear.

I drove to Bunco then, and carried in my case+ of cookies to deliver to the ladies there, the money box in case they needed change (they didn't, of course), the food, and my purse. The fam dropped me off and went home to change clothes and pee before heading out to dinner at IHOP. *sniff* without me, but alas, there's probably not a whole lot I could eat there anymore, anyway!

Bunco was really super fun tonight. I was happy to share my fifty-pound-loss news and was in a really good mood after our fun evening together as a family. I felt "on" and was really silly, making lots of jokes that had us laughing. We all were. It was a good time, good time. And I got the last Bunco, so I got the prize for holding the Bunco Clip at the end. I chose a copper vase/bowl thing, because I lurve copper. One woman called it a "spittoon," which amused me, so when I won I requested the copper spittoon. I told them all to christen it so I could take it home to Rob to drink, and we cracked up.

The only thing missing was Stephanie. You missed a great night, yo!

Well, it's getting late, and I need to get my half-hour of Wii in! Good-night, my babies!



Yarn Help Needed!

Here's the deal. I still have a little ways left to go on my BSJ, and only a few yards left of my yarn! The yarn has been discontinued, and I cannot find it anywhere. I've called the manufacturer and several online stores, I've checked eBay, Ravelry... no one has it.

Here's what I'm looking for: Cherry Tree Hill Organic DK wool in the Life's a Beach colorway.

If anyone wants to help me do an online search, or can put the word out to their yarny friends to check their stashes, I would really appreciate it!



Down In The Dumps

So I'm convinced I have MRSA. There's some stuff all over my neck. I should probably get to a dermatologist or something.


Rob didn't come home early and surprise me today. I was hoping he would, but nope.  I get spoiled easily!

Hmm... Oh. After the kids went off to school, I crawled back up in the bed until 10, when Sophia woke up. Thank God she slept in later than usual; I didn't get to sleep for doody last night. I was still pretty tired, so the rest of our morning wasn't very active. We mostly cuddled and played kitchen.

This afternoon, they napped, and I napped some more, while Rob took Curly Girl to dance class. When they got up, I asked if they wanted to fingerpaint, and the answer was a resounding YES!


I believe both the Crayola paints and the Crayola sticky mats came from Grandma. They love to use them, but since they reside on the top of the refrigerator, I rarely think of them.


The kids absolutely love them. I only had red, yellow and green, and they kept begging for purple, orange and blue.  Well, they made orange, but then everything got all mixed up, to become a lovely shade of barf green. Seriously, looking at them covered in it and watching it drip off their hands, I wanted to hurl! But I sat there and enjoyed them enjoying themselves like a champ.


They were pretty great. Each wrote their names and some other letters in the paint, and then they drew some basic shapes. Jack even drew a picture of Spongebob Squarepants, although he smeared it all up again before I could snap a picture.

After they filthed themselves up quite spectacularly, I took them one at a time, nakey, into the kitchen sink for a sponge bath. They both got quite a kick out of being naked in the sink, although not so much the scrubbing Mommy was giving them! Afterward, Jack fetched my special Royal Almond lotion, and I gave them each a rubdown to make them soft and smelly-good again. I got to rub soft tushies, yay!




Rob snapped these pictures of the kids showing off their 'guns,' and he was most impressed with Sophia's. I don't know, I think Jack has a nice set, too!

My dinner didn't go so well. They had pesto sauce and shells, plus corn, so I was out of that game. I made myself some protein tomato soup and then had a protein bar. It proved to be too much, somehow, I don't know, but on came my second bout with Dumping Syndrome. I knew in the middle of the bar that something was 'off,' and then came the shakes, the weakness, the upset tummy and the whole shabang that goes with it. Oh, it's miserable. I don't wish that on... well, any of you readers, anyway! Hehe.  This time, it was all over much faster than the first time, so that was good.


I did make a bunch of progress on the BSJ today, off and on during the day, but I don't think I'll have it finished by tomorrow as hoped. Oh, well, I'll still try! Definitely by Thursday, I think. I just love this yarn. It gives good squeeze. I'm starting to worry that I'll run out of yarn before I run out of pattern, though. And it's discontinued...eep!

Oh, also, I helped Jack with his homework, as usual. First, we read two books (with Sophia perched precariously on the back of the couch to follow along) from the Prize bucket. Then he wrote three words each that rhymed with "pen" and "hit." (Rob wouldn't let us use "tit.") Finally, we went over his sight words. Let me tell you, he is improving by leaps and bounds! And suddenly he is really responding to all the praise, and I'm way overdoing it when he gets a word right.  It was funny, when he missed one and I didn't smile and squeal and chill, he put his fingers to the corners of my mouth and said, "No, make a smile, Mommy!" But he missed eight, and the second time we went through, he only missed four of those, and then none on the third try! I told him when he gets them all right on the first try, we'll make lollipops. Hopefully soon!

Well, I'm off to Wii. Still no sign of my darn nunchuk, and I want to box. Hmph.



Hot Mama

First things first: Check out Steph's blog for her baby's first portraits! S/he's teeny weeny, but definitely there! Yay!

Phew, I'm sweaty and gross right now. (As opposed to what, my husband might say, before I kick him in the nuts.) (Not really.) I just got off the Wii Fit, where I set new records on every exercise I tried, and where I hit an all-time low Wii Fit age of 26!! Woohoo! I didn't know you could go lower than your real age!  So that was a rush.  The only bad part is that I can't find the nunchuk that goes with the Wii. I unlocked the boxing yesterday and loved it, but you can't do it without the nunchuk. I bet the Littles have done something with it...


(I just took this picture, so once again, sorry for the ugly flash picture. Maybe when it's finished, I'll actually take it in daylight!) I'm making decent progress on the new BSJ (Baby Surprise Jacket) with a wonderful new yarn. More details about that when it's finished. This isn't the yarn I was thinking of using, but I decided to go what seems to me to be a perfectly unisex selection. I normally don't go for unisex - not for any particular reason, I guess - but this is a really nice fiber. And it's called "Life's a Beach," so how could I resist?

Rob surprised me this morning around 0900, when Sophia was still asleep and I, wonder of wonders, was wide awake and doing Cookie Sale work on the computer. I heard a scuffle at the door and thought it was one of the pets, but then he came up behind me and scared the living daylights out of me. (He's a sneaker-upper, he is!) But since I didn't expect him for another 6 hours, I forgave him.

I may complain about him, and we may irritate the snot out of each other sometimes, but I'm madly in love with him and adore spending time with him. So extra time is icing on the sweet, sweet cake!

Eventually, Soap woke up, and she wanted nothing more at first than to cuddle with her daddy. I sat there, knitting away and watching the two of them under my lashes. Is there anything better than watching your husband and your child show each other unabashed affection? I'd wager to say, there is not.

Later on, he had to return to work, so when Jack came home, it was like any other day. He wasn't gone long, though; maybe two hours. I missed him anyway.

Soon, the Nonnies were put down for naps, and Rob and I cuddled on the couch and fell asleep ourselves. Coziness. We slept 'til Chloë came home. Actually, past that, until it was time to go to dance class. 

Rob took her, while I cleaned the downstairs. I still have to do the bathroom(s), but I picked up and then vacuumed. Seems like vacuuming is an everyday chore. According to something I read, you should vacuum add up all the people in your household, and all the pets, and vacuum that number of times per week. Ours is eight. So, yeah, sounds about right!

Everything happened at once, then. Rob and Chloë came home, the flooring man came for his appointment, and Sophia and then Jack awoke. The man was a little taken aback with all the commotion of kids everywhere, dog barking, and everything, but we brought him downstairs and got things settled.

He measured the downstairs while we pored over laminate wood flooring samples. I know all the complaints about laminate wood, but that's what we've decided on, so no need to tell me in the comments. ;) Our carpet is ruined and we can't afford real hardwood, and that's what we want. We chose a few different models or whatever, and then he gave us his spiel and the numbers. 

It's a bit more than I was prepared to spend. Like, twice as much.  Rob seems to think we have that money just lying around, but ha! hahaha! What is he smoking?! So we'll see when and if this project actually takes shape. I'd like to do it right away, because everyone is tired of stepping on sharp rub tack thingies and, well, there's a huge portion of concrete slab exposed in the hallway. Not to mention the paint on the office floor, the chewed-up part in the living room from when Lily was a puppy, mud stains... Oy.

Anyway, that's about it. We had dinner, and I kept it down this time. Even managed a tiny bite or two of potatoes.  I had to leave the table early pick up more Girl Scout cookies (our sale's been extended by two weeks, ay ay ay!) and may go out again later to pick up our free Redbox rental.

Off to knit, finish watching CSI: Miami, and do 10 more minutes of Wii.  Ta!



Hmm, My New Favorite Exercise

Okay, this is hee-lar-ee-us!

I've been tracking my exercise and food intake on The Daily Plate on I think I've mentioned that before?

So I was reading off a bunch of activities to Rob, and telling him the calories burned per hour for each. We giggled at a bunch, like "Skin Diving - Navy Seal" and "Sitting - Quietly" vs. "Sitting - Doing Homework," etc.

Then we found the entry, "Skin Diving - Shark Attack" with over 13,000 calories burned per hour!!!


Yeah, because you lost your damn leg!!!

Rob said, "There you go honey! Just do that once a day, and you'll look like me in no time!"

I replied, "No, I'll look like the dad on The Oblongs!"



I Love You More Than You Love Me

So I've come to a very sad realization: Seafood hates me.  A great deal.  And though I haven't eaten meat from a cow, pig or other four-legged creature since August 1995, I love me some sea creatures. (Certain ones, with whom I'm closely acquainted, are also out of my diet, but no need to go into that here.) And I've attempted to eat a lof them lately. Each time, well, they don't stay down. They don't stay down in a very violent way, if you get my drift.

So that sucks. I was counting on Shrimpy and his friends being a large contributor to my necessarily protein-rich diet, now that I'm on solids. And I didn't do that well with the Cornish Game Hens that Rob served tonight, either. I very carefully measured out 2 ounces, but was only halfway through before I had to bolt from the table.  I kept it down, but barely.

So Oscar the Pouch (that's my new official name for it, wdyt?) is suddenly way more sensitive than he used to be. It's because I'm more healed now, and the effects of surgery and all that anesthesia have worn off more, so it's no longer numb and sedated. Before, I could eat way more. Now, I can't even finish half a yogurt.

It's going to be tough to eat. I'm not looking forward to it anymore. I wish I could just quit.

Also, my sleep schedule is all discombobulated this weekend, and I haven't felt good, and blah.

But enough of that whine.

I stayed up all night last night, reading Elizabeth Zimmermann's The Opinionated Knitter. If you're a knitter, are you well acquainted with EZ? The more I read of her writings, the more I love her and am saddened that she's gone. She was a true genius with construction, and I learn so much from her patterns. Not only that, but she's extremely amusing. I gave Rob the book this morning so he could read a few passages, and he was as tickled as I was. Even if you're not into knitting, maybe check her out.

The weather was gorgeous this weekend. The kids were all in shorts, and it was almost 80º. We even slept (well, some slept) with the windows open last night, to the cat's utter discontent.  I was mostly out of sorts, but Rob took the kids outside to shoot waterguns and play while he worked on the bike.

Oh, that. Yes, he took the test this weekend. No, he did not pass. The bike kept stalling out on him, but maybe he can go ahead and practice this week before taking it again next weekend. 

Chloë and I went to Wally World tonight after I finally got up and took a very necessary shower. I needed cleaning supplies, among other things, but they didn't have a lot of what I went in for.  That really irritates me. I stand there and stand there, staring at the shelf, waiting for the missing item to materialize, and it never does. Bah!

We came home with lots more than I'd planned. I did need a humongo back of AA batteries and a black printer ink cartridge (check and check). But we also bought a food scale for me, a new electric can opener because the last one died and I'm sick of wrestling with the manual one, and tons and tons of bunny supplies. I've said it before and I'll say it again: that dern bunny eats more than our gigantic dog does!

This post is going nowhere, so I should. I cast on for EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket (my third or fourth) while watching Celebrity Apprentice tonight. (Oh, Scott!) I wanted to have it finished by Bunco on Wednesday night, so I could show it to Stephanie, but she's not going. Wah.

Anyway. 'Night.


P.S. Oh, I did do some cleaning and Wii Fit tonight. No worries! ;)

Kimono, And Other Japanese Words


Konichi-wa. I have finished, more or less, the kimono I started a couple of weeks ago. It should have taken me three days max, but because it was the rather-boring straight stockinette stitch all the way through (suddenly I find myself an enthusiastic lace knitter), I kept putting it down and not picking it back up again.


As you can see, in a totally airheaded moment of must-finishitis, I put the ties on wrong! They're not supposed to cross the body like that, obviously. But I'm not sure I dislike it; I actually think it's cute and adds a bit of "shaping" to an otherwise square garment. I'll leave it up to you, though. Vote in the comments: should I leave the ties as they are, or fix them the right way?


 But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Details!

This is the Little Luxury Kimono from Lion Brand's website. I made the smallest size, which is listed as 3-6 months. But I would venture to guess my finished kimono could fit a larger newborn without being ill-fitting.

I used 1.4 hanks of Cherry Tree Hill's DK Superwash Merino yarn in the Painted Faces colorway, which I think is no longer available. It's the first time I've used a superwash merino. At first, I thought it wasn't very soft, but now that the garment is finished, I've decided it passes my softness requirements for a wee babe. This was knit on size US-8 needles with no mods, other than my mistaken tie placements.




As you can especially tell from the back, it is the nature of this kimono and of straight stockinette to roll at the edges. Nothing you can do about that, really, and it can be a rather cute effect. I think in future, though, I might change that with a little garter or seed stitch edging, for a slightly different look.

I think next, I'm going to cast on for another of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jackets, now that I've acquired her book,  The Opinionated Knitter. I already had the pattern, but it is lost somewhere in this house. (Most likely behind the red couch, which I plan to tackle later this week...) I haven't decided on the yarn yet. Some is calling my name, but it's girly, and I feel guilty that I haven't made something boyish in a while. We shall see.



Fun With Flickr


As seen on Steph's blog...

Here's how it works....
1. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
2. Using only the first page, pick an image.
3. Select the size of boxes as 3 by 4.
Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s mosaic maker.
Use these questions in each URL box!!!

1. What is your first name? Melanie
2. What is your favorite food? Sushi
3. What high school did you go to? Baker High School
4. What is your favorite color? Green
5. Who is your celebrity crush? Matt Damon (today, anyway!)
6. Favorite drink? Piña Colada
7. Dream vacation? Great Barrier Reef
8. Favorite dessert? (REAL) Cannoli
9. What do you want to be when you grow up? Alive
10. What do you love most in life? Peace
11. One Word to describe you. Oddball
12. Where do you live? Virginia Beach

Photo Delay

Here are some (cell phone) pictures of the Blondies playing outside during the NOVEC commercial shoot last week:


Those green things were marked "Treatment System" something-or-other, but to the kids, they were playground equipment!


There were a ton of leaves in the yard, to the kids' utmost enjoyment.


Jack could often be found using a walking stick, that day.


Leaf angels!


A happy 'field' day.


I See London...

Today's blog post is brought to you by the letter "M" as in "migraine." As in, I have one. Severe. We missed Jack's big ceremony at school, and everything. :( :( :( :(

In other news, my pants and underwear are always falling down lately. I guess that's a good sign.


The Seafood Lover In You

Today was a good day, and fairly productive:


If I'm to keep on top of this, I'm going to have to remain accountable for what I do. I didn't get nearly as much as I'd planned to today, because I had lots of running to do (and because I didn't fall asleep until after 0500, not having taken my sleepy pill).

But I did do some. I put another load of laundry in and switched out what was there. I'll probably switch it out again when I go to bed, and fold tomorrow.  

I cleaned out and refilled the litter box (at last, it was sooo pewwy).

The two recycling bins were way overflowing because Rob had put all the flattened Girl Scout cookie boxes in them, so I took those out. I flattened the remaining boxes and called in a bulk pick-up for the dozens of cookie boxes we have to put out for tomorrow morning. Then I had lots more room in the bins and was able to get all the recycling that was piled up in the kitchen back into the bins. 

I carried the flattened boxes out to the street, thinking I was doing Rob a favor. Unfortunately, while I was gone, they blew all over the place and he had to run around and pick them up. Oops. Hopefully they'll stay put tonight for pick up in the morning? Guess we should tie them together...


It was soooo nice to have my own vehicle back at my disposal today, even if it's only temporary (and thank you so much for the sympathy, Nicole! I appreciated that!).

As soon as Jack came home from school, I threw a yogurt down his throat and then packed the Littles up for the drive to Newport News to see my surgeon. Luckily, it was warmish out (what is UP with our crazy weather?!) and they didn't need to wear coats and all the winter toppings. So much the faster.

We had a smooth drive up there this time, completely incomparable to the last visit.  Just a straight shot up there, and we got there ten minutes early. What a relief.

Sophia was a hoot when we got into the waiting room. The kids remembered our last trip there and went straight for the water cooler, filling up their cups. Then she walked over to an older gentleman sitting there and asked him to hold her cup, saying, "But don't drink it!" I was almost laughing too much along with him to admonish her, but I did. A little. He told me to let her be, he was enjoying her company. So I mostly just sat back and let her entertain him. The kid is a character!

But then she spilled her water all over the next chair over, so I took them and ran to the bathroom for paper towels. Oopsy. Then we had to run back again so everyone could go potty. By the time we were finished, it was weigh-in time.

I always know the scale at their office is going to be more than mine, since I weigh in naked and first thing in the morning. So I don't pay it any mind! (By the way, I did weigh in at home this morning, and the number was exactly the same as the last time, so couldja all give that scale a mental shove for me? Thanks.)

The doc was extremely pleased with my weight loss so far and said I had done a tremendous job. He asked me a few questions, answered a few of mine, and then said the golden words: "Now you can do anything you want. Eat whatever you like." Woohoo! I'm free to do as I please, within reason, of course. The goal is still to get my 64 oz of liquids in a day, 90 g of protein, and minimize the carb intake. But I can try anything I want, as long as I go slow, take tiny bites, chew the hell out of it, and listen to my pouch's cues. Yay!

Since I started the mushy foods phase, though, my protein levels have gone down. So I asked the doc about his Metabolic Center, where I knew lots of protein goodies were sold. Luckily, it was just down the road, so off we went to find it.

I don't know my way around Newport News at all, so it was a bit tricky. I knew where it was supposed to be, but it just wasn't jumping out at me. I spent about 20 minutes going around and around in circles, until I finally spied one little side street I hadn't noticed before. A-ha. There it was.

There was snow on the ground there. Weird. Anyway, I went in and was immediately taken under the receptionist's wing. She pointed out all the foods and told me the protein content of each one, and her opinion of the taste of each of them. And since it was my first visit, I'd get 10% off my total! Woot!

I picked out all kinds of things. Unflavored whey protein powder (blech but necessary), tomato soup, mint chocolate pudding, dark chocolate wafers, some drinks... lots of good stuff. I spent a lot, but it should last me a good long while.

Mindful of the time, we sped home to beat Chloë from school. Ah, we had plenty of time. It was an hour before she came in. So the Littles had a snack, while I took a picture of all my foods to show you (because I'm lame cool like that), and then some pictures of an unwilling subject, Jack. Now they don't want to upload, so here's another photo-less post. Blah.

When she came in, she helped me straighten up a little of the shoes and coats by the front door, and we whiled away the time finishing the recycling chore business. Before I knew it, was time to leave for Brownies! I hustled everyone into the van (♥), and we got there a few minutes early.

I was hoping to collect a bunch of cookie money to deposit in the morning, but only two moms had only some of theirs. It's something, but we're getting down to the wire here, and it makes me nervous!

Nikki assigned me to the task of helping the girls with one of their Cookie Try-It patches; I had to take two girls and make one the customer and the other the salesperson. They had to practice the cookie-selling interaction and make proper change.  I now don't feel quite so worried about Chloë's general inability with math and especially money. Some of those girls were really great with it, but others were as clueless as she.  I helped them as much as possible, but some were just not getting it. We ran through it a few times, and in the end I figured they'd done enough to earn that part of their patches.

Oh, in the meantime, Rob had come to pick up the Nonnies and leave me is rental car to get home. Phew. Love them to death, but they are seriously underfoot whenever we're at Brownies, and it wears on me.

When we finished with the money stuff, the girls were making dough shapes and mixing colors to make new colors and other stuff for a different Try-It. I was confused about all that, but they were having fun just squishing up the dough and pounding it, so I just tried to encourage them to make their shapes (what are they, two years old?) and figure out what colors blended together would make what. Eh.

Chloë and I drove home when it was over, and I switched to the van. Another troop mom was taking some of our extra cases of cookies, phew. So I delivered four cases that we won't sell and then picked up two more that we will, and headed back home.

I wanted to clean then, before Stim came over, but there was the matter of Jack's homework. And dealing with all the cookie money and the cookie input website.  Jack had to write about his favorite weather and draw a picture. He chose snow. Snow?! Not my child! His sentence was, "The snow fell." Hey, works for me. Then we read a story, another from the Prize Patrol that I'd forgotten about. I was glad; I'm not one of those moms who will happily read the same damn thing over and over. I want variety in my life!

I had to dash out with Chloë, again, to deliver a cookie order to a neighbor who'd called me earlier. She wasn't in, and the husband was reluctant to take them from me! Um. So he called her and got things straightened out, and then he agreed to pay for them. Gee, thanks. But he did give her a 50¢ donation, so hey.

I was adding up the cookie deposit when Stim arrived.  She showed me her new little cloth diapers for their wee baby, and I hugged her and was so excited to see her, since this was the first time we'd gotten together after her big news! Everything is moving along swimmingly in there, and she has her first ultrasound on Monday! So thank you, thank you for all the prayers and good thoughts!

Rob and I headed out to dinner after that. Now, we do live by the beach, where there are plenty of good, local seafood restaurants, but something about the Lobsterfest commercial for Red Lobster had a serious hold on me. I had to go to there!  I had a coupon and everything, dudes. I didn't know what I wanted, but there was going to be some serious seafood indulging on my part.

Um, yeah. Not. I managed to eat about four bites before Pouchy was too full. That part sucked. Rob and I talked a lot about his work, our plans, and my life since surgery, so that was part was good. Oh, and did I mention both Steph and Tim could tell I'd lost weight? Steph says the girls at Bunco will be wowed next week!  I'm thrilled; I can't tell myself!

Meanwhile, I watched Rob eat. And eat, and eat, and eat. Seriously, it was impressive. For a not-so-big guy, he packed it away and wasn't even stuffed. It's insane. And a little bit unfair, in the sense that I would have gained five pounds from that while he loses weight from all the work of chewing. Ahh, life. So be it.

Well, this is ridiculously long, so I'm going to go eat a piece of shrimp and then get back to my Wii Fit. I repeated my Body Test last night and got my Fit Age back down to 32, so whee! (But then I repeated it again and it went to 41, and 36. LOL) I unlocked another fun balance game tonight, so I'm going to go work on that!

Toodles, my peeps.



Let's Talk Verizon

Okay. So. Rob hates our cable and internet service, apparently, and wants to switch over from Cox to Verizon FiOS.

I hate my phone/service with a passion - and if you've ever called me and gotten hung up on about 34 times within ten minutes, you know why - and want to switch over from T-Mobile to Verizon Wireless when our contract is up on August 10. And yes, I am counting the days.

So, who among you is without sin has Verizon service of any kind? What can you tell me? Likes? Dislikes? Will I be dazzled by their customer service? Do you get great cellular reception inside your house? Are there more FiOS channels than with cable?




Pay It Forward

I've seen this before, and I think I even won it (also) on Stephanie's blog, but that has yet to be confirmed.  So I'm paying it forward from Swapna, my fellow yarn-loving pal in India.


1. The first three people to comment on this post will receive some kind of homemade goodness from me within one year. Hopefully, sooner - much! We can discuss what it will be. If you're a yarnie/threadie, we can discuss that, too.

2. The three winnahs must post the same on their own blogs (what if you don't have a blog? I have no clue. Talk to me about how you plan to PIF, then!) immediately after confirming they've won.

3. Leave the room. Now. I have gas.


Flipped The Script

I'm kind of in a cranky mood, BECAUSE MY HUSBAND PISSES ME OFF SOMETIMES, so I'll try to keep this chipper.

Let's see... Jack and Sophia were downstairs watching Noggin and eating Girl Scout cookies when I got up to get the Bigs ready for school this morning! Cookies, I might add, that belonged to the troop, not us. And not for the first time this week did they fish a box out of the troop supply. So, yeah, I pretty much laid into those two scoundrels! They SO know better!

Once the kids were all fed and the Bigs were off to school, Sophie was tired again. Hm, no wonder. So we snugged down on the couch for a good long while, and read a few stories. They are loving the Prize Patrol books, so I have been reading them and over. Jack's favorite is Turkeys Together, while Sophia's seems to be the one about angry Sophie. Hm, wonder why.

I can't even recall what else we did before Jack got home and the kids had lunch. Seriously, my mind is fried right now. Oh, I did let Sophie use my camera and take a bunch of pictures, but none were really worth sharing this time.

I tried sending the Nons up for naps, but it just didn't work. They were up there for quite a while and just ran around and played. So I called them back downstairs, and we cleaned up the living room and then played some more.

Rob came home late to take the girls to their dance classes, but they were dressed and ready to go. So hopefully Sophie didn't miss too much of hers. Chloë apparently was knocked out when they got there, which isn't a first. I swear. You never know which of my kids is going to need a nap, but all will insist they don't need them. Until they do.

While they were gone, Jack went up to clean his room and then fell asleep (ha!) for a while. So I got on the Wii Fit. I had been about to cut coupons and prepare my grocery list, but I had to walk downstairs for my scissors and couldn't resist it when I saw the box!

Fired that puppy up and took today's body test. Oops, there were new balance exercises this time, at which I sucked. And since it mismeasured me last night, it said my weight went up a whole bunch today. Argh. So therefore, my Wii Fit age went up to 35 today. Not a huge jump, and not terrible, but I can obviously do better!  My posture wasn't as good today, either.

Then I did some step aerobics. I did the basic step two more times before unlocking the Advanced Step game. Yay! I love stepping.  I was about to quit when that happened, but I decided to go ahead and try it out. Man, oh, man, what a hoot! I could not keep up with it. I was off on half the steps, and some I just stood there and watched them, because I didn't know what I was supposed to do.  There was kicking and clapping, stepping and clapping, turning and clapping... I think it's all that damn clapping that threw me off! How am I supposed to clap with the remote in my hand, anyway?

I'm going to try it again after this, though. I can't wait! I'll have Rob watch me, so he can get a laugh too.

Hm, what else. Oh, so when the rest of the fam came home, Rob dropped the bomb on me, which he'd "forgotten" to tell me earlier: if he drove my van in to work tomorrow, he wouldn't be able to come home for me to go to my post-op appointment. And get on solid foods. Oh, hells no! So he informed me that I would be driving him in to work. Before the sun gets up. Before God. And waking up three small children to do so, in the dark, when they need sleep for school... NO!

Ooh, I was so mad. You couldn't have told me this earlier??? And apparently NO ONE at his command lives in Virginia Beach (yeah ^&*&ing right) and can give him a ride in the morning.

So we had words. Many words. Loud words. Finally, I did what I vowed I wouldn't a week or three ago: got online and rented him a car. Just for Thursday & Friday, so I can do the multiple things I need to be able to do without relying on his @$$. Hopefully he'll take that stupid test on Saturday, but he'll still have to drive my van until he can take the Navy's course. Grrrrr.

And have I mentioned how much I hate that stupid Land Cruiser, the source of all this aggravation?!!!

Okay, Smelly. Relax. Deep breaths. 1...2...3......10.  Easy, easy.

Heh. Hi there. I'm okay. Really.

So instead of doing what I needed to be doing, which was helping the kids with their homework, having dinner on the table, going grocery shopping, and cleaning bathrooms, I was instead driving him out to the airport to pick up the car. The kids and I waited and waited, with him texting me that he was still in line. Apparently there was a rush on Avis at 1900?

When we finally got home, the kiddies were hungry, cold, and tired. Jack had earned a certificate for a Pizza Hut personal pan pizza, for reading at least 15 books in February. (Technically, we do it every month, but that was the first month I didn't lose the form and actually turned it in...) So I decided to get him that and order a medium for the rest of the gang. Because of some complaint from the last time, we had a credit and got our order for free! If I'd known, I'd have ordered a large... Oh well.

Jack was SO MAD when the pizza came, and all he got was the tiny box. Hahaha! But Jack, it's your own pizza! "No! I want the big one!"  Teehee. He's had an anger problem since birth. Everything irritates him. If you ask if he had a good day at school, he'll growl, "No!" If he did well on a paper and you ask him about it, he'll growl, "No!" If you smile at him, he'll turn his head away from you. Very rarely is he happy and cheerful about positive attention. It's very weird. The girls aren't that way, so where did we mess up with him?

Oh, speaking of Jack and accolades, we got notice today in his folder that he's been selected for Super Citizen of the Month at school! Chloë was chosen in both of the previous two years, so I know what to expect when I go in for the ceremony on Friday afternoon. He'll get a cupcake or some treat, a pencil, a bunch of certificates for various goodies, and a picture taken with the Principal. Fun stuff. Go, Jack! Although he doesn't get why; he asked me, "What did I do, Mom?"

Oh! I tried some of the pizza. It's really not allowed, but I have been dying - DYING! - for some pizza, and thought I would give it a try. Every time I try something lately, I end up chucking it back up anyway, so I figured I would savor a few bites and then go puke it up. LOL But I kept it down! And it was soooo good. Heavenly.  I kinda wish I had puked it up, so I wouldn't want it anymore...

Then I needed to go shopping. It was 2100 by then, so I wasn't going to do the full trip, but our larder was bone dry and we were all HONGRY. Not just hungry. I got to the store and didn't know where anything was! All of a sudden, since we were there on Saturday night selling cookies, they have revamped half of it. Undergoing a major remodeling. Why? I don't know. Everything was fine for me before! ;)

Finally, halfway through the aisles, I found a manager. "Sir!" I called. "Where is ... everything?" He laughed. I continued. "Where's the Peanut Butter? Where's the Crystal Light? Where's the Nutella? Where's the bottled water? Where's the entire organic section???" He shot the answers back at me, apologized for the confusion, and off I went to track down all the missing items. I found everything but the organic soy "ice cream" I was looking for, but that was hardly a necessity. And I got my sugar-free popsicles, which is all the frozen treat I need anymore!

Not tonight, though. Someone left the freaking back door open while I was gone, and the house is brrrr! Freezin'! Oh well, at least I'll want to keep moving when I do my Fit!

Anyway. I guess Rob went to sleep, so he won't get to see me wiggle and fall off the Balance Board and stuff.

That is the end.



Today was A-OK, yo.

It didn't start off so great, though. I woke up 15 minutes late, and then I couldn't wake up the kids for school. They just weren't budging. I don't know what Chloë's problem was, but Jack? He was still up and playing with Sophia, who was in his bed, when I went upstairs at 2 AM. Rascals!

And then, I turned to go downstairs and stepped in a giant, heaping pile of dog shit.  My whole foot was covered, and it was in between my toes... ugh. So freaking gross. I hopped all the way to the bathroom and turned on the shower. It wouldn't knock off the poop, though, so I had to  yell for Chlo to bring me a washcloth. Then it wouldn't go down, so I had to scrub it off the shower floor.

And where was the dog? Why, she was locked up in her kennel. Which meant that she had already pooped there this morning before Rob left for work, locking her on her way out. Oh, yeah. I was MAD.

I napped for two hours (yay!) until Sophia woke up at 10:00. I hadn't slept long or well enough the night before, so I really needed that.  She had breakfast (oatmeal, which she somehow managed to get all over like a 10-month-old) and then was ready to play.

She colored. She played dress-up. She cooked in her play kitchen. We read several stories, until I lost my voice. Oh, she was into everything. I wanted to bake or something with her, but the kitchen was an absolute disaster.

Oh, speaking of that. Two things occurred to me last night: One, that Barbara is not coming back, and no one is going to knock on my door and offer to clean my house for free, and two, my children deserve to have a clean house. And so do I. 

I used to keep a clean place. I really did. But, as much as I love him dearly, I can honestly say that my husband is the biggest slob I've ever met in my entire life. I fought against that tendency for several years, and then I found my standards more and more relaxed until the low point they have reached today.

Well, no more. I am going to spend some time cleaning up this place, every single day, until it is no longer a source of embarrassment to me, or disgust, or stress. When Brownie moms come over to pick up cookies, I am ashamed to let them in my house. I can't have that anymore. The kids should be able to play in a clean environment.

Now, I'm not talking crazy talk here. I'm no germaphobe, and I'm not going to sterilize everything with which they will come into contact. It's not good for them to grow up that way, anyway: it jacks up their immune system (to put it scientifically). And I probably wouldn't ever pass a white-glove test, because I absolutely loathe dusting. But I will do my best to keep things tidy and clean enough, if it kills me!


So Jack came home, and after they had some lunch, we watched a little PBS Kids. They keep begging for Noggin, but personally I think PBSK packs more cerebral nutrition into a half-hour show. Even if it does mean watching that damn Sid.


Darn him for blinking! This would otherwise have been a really cute picture. And he wouldn't stay still after that. Sophie wore the cowboy hat pretty much all day long, until Chloë came home and usurped it.


So finally, I decided it was time to actually DO some of that cleaning, and I wanted to start upstairs. I didn't get as much done today as I wanted to, but then that is pretty much always the case, isn't it? To get started, I took my shower. I pretty much have to shower before I can be productive. I'm just not ready to start anything until I do. Are you the same way, or can you go out/clean/exercise/have sex/ etc. without showering first?

Then I sent Sophie and Jack in to clean their bedrooms, which always causes Jack to have a fit. "You want me to clean this mess by mySELF?!!"  Um, yeah. You made the mess by yourself, Buster...

I started in on the laundry. I folded about four baskets full and washed about three more loads. When Chloë came home, and when Sophie's room was finished, they worked to help me put kid clothes away. I had to make Chlo stop to change for Ballet, and then Rob came home and whisked her off to class.

Notice I never said I got dressed? Because I didn't. So when a Brownies mom came over to pick up some cookies (we had no designated time), I threw on the nearest pair of pants and a sweater, and hurried downstairs. "Sorry the house is such a mess! We were gone all weekend and I was sick yesterday and now I'm cleaning but I'm starting upstairs and blah blah blah" was my hello. I always  have to apologize for our house! Ugh, I'm sick of it. Anyway, we completed the transaction and I sent them on their way. Back to my laundry.

By the time I finished folding it all, Rob and the Dancing Queen were home again, and she helped me finish getting everything put away. Sophie, too. Jack had fallen asleep after cleaning his room, while searching for Chloë's missing glasses. Rob did some cleaning up on his atrocious filthy messy side of the room, and then I started vacuuming.

I did our room and part of the hallway. I'd have done the kids' rooms too - they realllly need it - but I didn't want to wake the sleeping monster. So I started the stairs. I'm still on heavy-lifting restriction, and our machine is not light, so perhaps I should have abstained. But they needed it, and, well, I'm stubborn. By the time I got to the bottom of the stairs, I needed a break! But they looked much better.

Chloë was working on her homework then, so I helped her while Sophia, and then Jack when he came down, cleaned up the living room. It was a sty. Last week, the Littles had dumped Chloë's bowl of Perler beads all over the place, and since Rob never carried the vacuum downstairs for me despite mucho begging, they were still there. Driving me crazy. When Chlo was finished with her math, I vacuumed the office and then helped the kids clean the living room. Finally, I vacuumed that and... Gawd, what a boring, blathery blahg. I'm sorry.

But the point is: it's clean! Yay! Time for Wii!!!

I broke out the stuff and eventually got it all put together and set up. Then I opened the Wii Fit and set that up. Finally, it was time to get down to bidness.

I created my Mii. It's a short and rather rotund little thing, just like myself.  But that's okay. She will shrink, as will I.

And then! I got on the board. This time, it did not kick me off for being too heavy! This time, it was actually nice to me. Sure, it told me I was obese (pbbtthhh) and that I needed to lose weight to be healthy, but it wasn't snotty about it like I expected. But it also told me I weigh 12 lbs less than my kitchen scale says, so I wonder what's going on there. I wish!

I did the Body Test next. It measures your posture and stuff, and gives you a Wii Fit age. Guess what my age was? Guess! Really!! Okay, okay, it said I had impressive posture and... dun dun DUN... my age was 32!!! Which is my REAL AGE! I know some people (wink, wink) whose Wii Fit age is MUCH older than their actual age, especially on the first try, so I was really excited!!  When it told me I was in great shape, I almost fell over laughing. Noooottttttt!

I did some exercises after the test. I started out with Step Aerobics (♥love♥) and did really great. Lots of "perfect"s! I did that twice and actually found myself working up a sweat. (Do any of you that have Wii Fit know if the pattern, intensity and duration of the work out changes as you get into it more? Oh, I hope so.)

Then I did some hula hooping (pretty good), yoga (great!), and slalom skiing (suck). The worst for me was a game where you had to change your center of balance to get your little Mii balls through the holes in a table. I was SO bad at that, but at least I was laughing and having fun!

I worked long enough to unlock two new games, which I tried, and finally, when my feet were killing me, I quit. I can't wait to do more tomorrow! Maybe twice!  I want to rack up lots of time.

That's it for me. I was hoping to have an FO (Finished Object) to show you, but I still have to knit the sleeves of the kimono. I'll do that now.

Oh! Did any of you catch the Jimmy Fallon show last night? It was just okay for me - lots of room for improvement. Good guests, though I had not a clue what Van Morrison was saying.

I'm out.


Wii're In Business

Total weight loss so far: 45 pounds!! That is not chump change. Woot! Five lbs to next goal, which is ¼ of the total I hope to lose...



The rest of the Wii - the main game console - arrived this afternoon! I haven't set it up yet, because we need to clean up the living room first, and because I've been having a date with HGTV all evening while I'm laid up with yet another illness.

I'm loving Monday-night TV right now, too; one of my favorite shows is The Big Bang Theory. Do you watch it? If not, you totally should: it's hilarious!!! Rob and I laugh out loud several times per episode, which is saying something. You might have to be a nerd to appreciate it, though?

The kids had a two-hour snow delay this morning. And guess what? We actually had snow! Like, three feet! Kidding, about three millimeters, but that's a veritable blizzard in these parts. In the end, morning kindergarten was canceled, which thrilled the boy-child to bits. Chloë trodded out to the bus by herself, promising to see me "in two hours." Don't think she got that the two-hour part was what was missing, not what was left!

Jack was supposed to have his six-year check-up this afternoon, but Rob still has my flippin' van and couldn't come home. This situation is getting mighty OLD, people. I'm about fed up with it. (He couldn't do his motorcyle road test again this past weekend because of heavy weather. And even if he had, he'd still have to drive the van until he completes the Navy's motorcycle safety course. Pity me. I'm to be pitied.) ;)

He did get home on time to take the Curly One to Tap class, which he did. The Littles napped during that time, which is when I turned on HGTV. I just love that channel. Too bad none of the shows are filmed here, or I'd be all over them for a room makeover!

Think I'll go rewind Big Bang and watch it from the beginning, while I knit the second front piece of the baby kimono. I'm kind of bored of it, but it's just all that stockinette!

Have a great week, peeps. I'm excited about it, because I have my next post-op check-up on Thursday and, hopefully, will get into the solid food phase then!