Ultimate Blog Party 2009
Happy Birthday, My Sons

Shopping Spree

I woke up this morning feeling more terrible than even before, so it did not bode well for this pre-birthday day. Worse, Rob had to go into work today, so I was left with the Littles. They woke me up around 9:15, and I called them into the bedroom to hang out with me while I finished waking up, and just generally lay there feeling crappy. I was just about to give up and kick the bucket when I found my phone. I called Rob and asked him if there was any way he could come home. He replied, "I am! I just walked in the door."

♪ ♫ Cue the Hallelujah Chorus! ♪ ♫

So we all went downstairs, and Rob and the kids played and did their thing while I ate three popsicles in quick succession to ease the pain in my sore throat. Ahhhh, that's the thing, right there.

By noon or so I was feeling slightly more human, although not terrific (I'll let you know when I get to that point, never fear), and decided we could go out and do our planned shopping trips.


The first stop was Toys 'R Us. I had a coupon for a free Thomas the Tank Engine toy, which Jack has never been into (thank God, because that shiznat is pricey!), but you can't beat free. For that price, he could add it to his enormous collection of toys with wheels.

But he didn't want it! He pitched a big fit about wanting his rocket, which he asked for for his birthday, and not that. He just couldn't wrap his little mind about the idea that he could have this today, and his present tomorrow. Both. Sophia piped up that she woud like it, and we were back on.  We had to leave the train at the counter, though, while we shopped.

Then we did some more shopping that I can't talk about because it's for a friend who reads this blog. :P



Then, because each of the kids is a member of Geoffrey's Birthday Club and Jack received his $3 gift card, we let him pick out a 5-pack of Hot Wheels cars. He was taking forever and a day poring over all the choices, so I left the pack to go look at the Wii games selection. Holy moly, who knew there were so many?! I did not. I looked at all the games and all the accessories and decided they were all too expensive. So we checked out and left.



Down the road apiece, we went to Five Below so I could check out their Wii accessories. It was pretty minimal, but I did find a regular and a foam bat for Wii Sports (which came with the Wii) for $5 each. I got the soft one so the kids didn't beat each other up while swinging wildly! The girls have done Lord-knows-what with the enormous stash of hair doodles (my word for things that go in hair) I've acquired for them, so I bought three packs of them to keep up with the need for ponytails around here.



At the cash register, I spotted pint glasses with the recycling symbol on them, for two bucks! Someone around here, and her name is me, keeps breaking our pint glasses - and I lurve recycling - so I bought a couple of those, too! Back to the van.

Our next stop was Williams Sonoma, which is definitely not for the faint of heart. Have y'all been in there lately? Oh, my word, the prices! And Rob wanted to do our entire wedding registry there! Hello, have you met my family? We're more of the Target-and-Sears type of crowd.


[I had to bring Rob in there because he was with me when my latest shipment of Webkinz arrived from Sugar Bowl Gift Shop the other day. Love that site! They have ALL the Webkinz, even some retired ones, their shipping is super fast, and their customer service is outstanding. Plus with our latest 12 acquisitions - we now have *cough* 83  critters (not all adopted) - they even gave me a special discount code for 20% off my next order! Love it! I'm not sure I can share it and still use it myself, so let me know if you're interested and we'll see what we can see. And no, I don't buy 12 Webkinz every month!]

Back to Williams-Sonoma.


The first thing I spotted when I walked through the door was a gorgeous all-copper (and I realize the above is not copper) stand mixer. I was standing there for a minute or two, gaping at it because the mixer my BFF Shana gave us for our wedding - which is one of my absolute favoritest kitchen thingies - is currently misbehaving, when an employee noticed me and yelled from across the store about how beautiful it was. I just stared at him and nodded. But no, we didn't buy. I'll find a way to fix my current workhorse.

Rob needed to get a loaf pan to fit inside his flight suit vest (ask him if you want to know why), and I thought the ones on the website looked like they  might fit. Well, I was wrong, dammit. So I encouraged him to have a little fun shopping for things he'd like to have in the kitchen, since he is the primary cook and dishwasher in our house. Oh, and I'd also planned on going there to get this:


Are those not the prettiest little eggs? I could totally make those! I saw them the other day on some blog (sorry I don't remember) and knew I wanted the kit. And it's $5 cheaper at the store than on the website! No, I don't plan to let the kids use this one. Hehe. Well, maybe. But I'll probably get them the cheapy ones and I'll use the fancy, expensive one.  Geez, how many eggs do we need, anyway? Ah, who cares, you only get to do 'em once a year.

Since I'm on a mission to keep trying to get seafood into Oscar (my new pouch) without coing right back up again, I bought a couple cans of lump crab meat at the store the other day. When I spotted WS's Crab Cake Blend on the shelf, I started salivating immediately. (No pic; it's not on the website and my camera isn't uploading again, darn thing.) I was beginning to need a shopping cart!



It became apparent that this store really was not the place for three young children, and it was getting harder for me to wrangle them. I had no voice with which to keep calling them to come to me, to stop touching, to stand up, etc. That same nice employee whispered in my ear that there were bread samples if the kids were allowed. They were allowed! Too bad I wasn't, because Rob tasted the Lemon Poppy Quickbread and found it amazingly delicious. He added a bag of that to our growing stack on the counter.


Of course, right behind the bread samples, the kids spotted all the Easter goodies. They tried like the dickens (see me trying not to swear during Ultimate Blog Party week? That's because I marked my blog as "family friendly," hehe) to persuade me to buy them a $16 bag of jellybeans, but are you out of your mind?! First of all, jellybeans suck. Second of all, even if they don't suck, no jellybeans are that good. Jellybelly beans will have to do if they want "good" jellybeans, and I can get them for far cheaper. I did peruse all of the outrageously overpriced candies, though, and finally settled on these lollipops because they just looked so darn pretty. Into the pile. (The kids have since eaten two of them apiece and have declared their love, although the strawberry ones are in short supply.)


  Finally, Rob chose another item: a 14" olivewood spoon (without the rest). He bought an olivewood mortar and pestle in Europe - yet to be used - and wanted to add to the collection.



Then he made another selection: this 8" French whisk. I can't wait to use it. I love a good egg beatin'!



I spotted these Silicups (silicone cupcake cups) on the counter when setting down Rob's utensils. Since I love making cupcakes - although it has been a while, and I'm itching to do it again soon - this will be a great way to get rid of the waste from using disposable cupcake liners. And I won't need to use the cupcake pan, so it'll be easier to fill them, and later I can take them out and then decorate them, if I want. Like if I bring them to Bunco, I can remove them easily and without worrying about someone throwing them away or having to take them all home. Perfect!



And finally, le pièce de résistance was this 8" Lagostina frying pan. Rob looked at me doubtfully when he brought it up for show-and-tell. I could tell he wanted it but was afraid to ask. He deserves decent cookware, and I did just buy all those Webkinz, so what the hell. But that was it. We were done. While ringing me up, they fixed Rob a nice cuppa at my request, which I think he appreciated. The man likes his java, he does.

We grabbed our bag and ran before we could find any other must-haves, and then headed back to Toys 'R Us to pick up the free train we left at the counter! Whoops, forgot all about that.


The kids were starving by then, so I asked the birthday boy where he would like to have lunch. He said, "Wal-Mart." I said, "Let's try this again..." In the end, I talked him (without too much difficulty; he loves the place) into eating at Silver Diner, a fun little place near home with good food and cheapish prices. All the kids are signed up for their birthday club, too, so he had a free meal and milkshake coming his way. Ooh, boy, I love those birthday clubs!

We were reading the menu, when Rob pipes up, "Ew, that Crabcake and Sweetcorn Omelette sounds disgusting!" Um, that's what I planned on ordering, thanks. Hee! And I did get it, and it was good, so there. Not that I ate the whole thing, maybe a quarter of it, but it'll be good again and again and again tomorrow! And I even kept it down.

The kids all had pancakes and strawberries with milk, and Jack sucked down his shake like there was no tomorrow. He was a happy boy. He really likes this birthday stuff, I think. I can not believe my little boy is six!!!!

Anyway, we finally went home, and the kids had a lollipop before everyone (but me) took a nap. I've been sitting here pretty much ever since, except when we stopped to play Wii Sports for a while.  I kick butt at the baseball! It's the only one I've tried so far. And Chloë likes the golf, but she doesn't get that a high score isn't a good thing!

So I just sent Rob out for the strawberry cake mix Jack requested, and now I'm feeling bad about it because I probably won't bake tonight after all. If I do, I promise to use plenty of soap and hand sanitizer first!