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Six Hours Later...

...which is much nicer than my alternate title of "Clusterf**k," which would describe what is going on in my brain right now!

To explain the latter, I have once again run out of my Side-Effexor and missed last night's dose. {It's not my fault. I called the refill in on time. Rob was supposed to pick it up after work Friday (it's called into the base clinic where he works), but didn't. Didn't pick it up Saturday. Or Sunday. Or today. But who's pointing fingers?} He has since gone to the Naval hospital and gotten an emergency fill for me, but in the meantiime, here's some fun stuff I'm experiencing, since you asked:

  • Weepiness over the most ridiculous things, like watching Dancing With the Stars  and doing my final Cookie reports (I incorrectly submitted the incentive order form, not knowing ... eh, blah blah blah, but Chloë will miss out on a $10 Cookie Credit for camp this summer unless they can go in and fix it for me, which made me sob!)
  • Lips are numb, so nice

  • Being completely dizzy and off-balance, and getting those fun shocks whenever I move

Anyway. Not to worry, I'm not depressed or anything, despite the weird crying jags all evening. And I've taken one, so I'll be back on track for tomorrow.

But it all means today was far less fun and productive than it could have and should have been, both for me and the kids, who are on Spring Break!

Here's what we did do:


What you can't really see very well is that this kid is completely caked with mud, including her clothes. I had her pick out this farm girl outfit, put the pigs in her hair, and sent her outside to get as dirty as possible! Then I took pictures of the very uncomfortable little girl, who likes getting dirty as much as her mother and who had the sun in her eyes at every angle.

This was requested by the casting director for the new SAG short film for which she had an audition tonight, but we'll get to that later. Immediately after, I sent her upstairs to shower and change into a much nicer outfit! So I don't know how much the pictures did the job they were supposed to do, but whatev. She still looks kinda cute, squinty eyes and all, right?


Scrapbooking. I started doing it yesterday, and continued off and on throughout today. My knitting mojo has all but evaporated for the time being, which is fine because I planned to start scrapping again as soon as the cookie sale ended and I had my craft space back again!  I need to at least finish my 2008 and Europe scrapbooks before I move onto my next craft project, which is doing all the sewing I planned to do last summer. Kinda sucks, because I thought I was much farther along into the 2008 book than I really was... oh, well. I'm enjoying reliving "the moments of our lives," and especially looking at the pictures of Sophia with hair and teeth! Man, I miss those chompers. :(

{And speaking of teeth, Chloë is 7½ and has still only lost two teeth: the bottom front ones. So if that's any indication, Sophia will be without her top front teeth for... four years? Five??! Boohoo!} {Oh, don't start the waterworks again, Self...}


The mailman rang the bell and made me sign for a package, so I had to stand there in all my unshowered and scuzzy glory. Hated that, but loved what I found inside: my "Pay It Forward" package from my friend Swapna in India!  It's fresh wool, which is especially fun since I'm on a very restricted yarn diet and can't purchase any new yarn for this entire year! And the way I'm going, according to my husband, maybe 2010, too! Anyway, thank you, Swapna, and for those of you who are on my Pay it Forward list, please let me know what you would like! I'm still not sure what any of ya want! Thanks.

So finally, Rob came home and whisked the Curly Girl off to her audition, at 1600. I'd have taken her, but I was unfit to drive. They did not return until SIX HOURS LATER, at 2200! Oh, my word, it was ridiculous. Apparently, it was supposed to be a closed, hush-hush casting call, but someone leaked the word out and it turned into a major cattle call. The casting director himself called me and asked for Chloë, so we were on the legit list, but it still resulted in a ridiculously long wait for everyone. Rob found the CD (Casting Director) and asked what was up, and when he heard Chloë's name, he lit up with recognition and was thrilled that she was there. So that's a good sign, right?

In their absence, Sophia finally wore down and looked tired, so with relief I sent her up for a nap. Relief because I needed one myself, and Jack was already having one himself. I only slept for about a half-hour, but it was just what I needed to feel a bit more refreshed and capable.

The kiddos watched me scrap, and we watched telly together. Sophia sometimes danced with the afore-mentioned Stars, but mostly she and Jack cuddled on my lap and fought over who had more of their surface area touching mine! At one point, Jack shouted at his sister, "Hey! I'm not getting enough Mommy Love!" Aww! Tears again, on my part.

They had a little dinner of toast and blueberry preserves, and we all had sugar-free popsicles for dessert. (Seriously, they're not bad!) I was just getting ready to go upstairs and shower with them when Curly Sue and her dad returned at last. So I added her to the mix while he went out for my meds, and let me tell you, one Fat Mama and three small-but-growing children makes for a crowded shower. We managed, though, and when they were all washed and I'd kicked them out of the stall, I turned the water on straight cold. I needed a blast of "feels like the waterpark," I guess! It was shocking to my system, but it felt great and really woke me up. Love it!

Anyway, I'm starting to step into the realm of Too Much Detail, so I guess I'll make like a tree and leave!