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Late-Season Flu?



(WARNING: this is going to be a rant, and I'll probably drop some f-words. If you don't want to read 'em, back away now!)

I am SO furious! So pissed!

Chloë and I are heading to L.A. this weekend, right? It's for this big-deal casting convention (not at all the bullshit that is iPOP!), and we paid our way in freaking September '08! Six months ago.

We have also had our airline tickets and our hotel reservations for this weekend, for MONTHS.

So just out of curiosity, to see what the agenda was like and check our free time and stuff, I went on the convention website (it's TLACC, for the nosy!).

Oh my freaking good gosh!  They changed the fucking dates of the convention!

AND NEVER EVER told me!  It's now April 4-5!!!

Hello, we are not coming from around the damn corner, we are flying across the damn country to go to this thing, and I have an email confirmation stating it was this weekend!

Now WTF are we supposed to do?! I just left them a SCATHING message saying I wanted a full refund and a refund of whatever it costs me to cancel our plane tickets, but I doubt they'll even call me back. Believe me, as soon as it's 0900 PDT, I am calling them back!

I can not even freaking believe this!!!!

On the upside, now I won't miss Jack's first soccer game and his sixth birthday!

BUT OH!!!!!!!!