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The Source Of My Excitement

Okay, so I'm a teaser. But I'm so excited, I have to share! Especially since today was such a dud day, and I have nothing much else to say about it.

First up, Chloë and I are headed to L.A. again, this Friday night. This trip is for a big casting convention, and it has been on the books since at least September. Now that it's here, we're not ready! Aack! Jack has his first soccer game on Saturday, and I'm not going to be there! AND it's his birthday on Sunday! So sad about that. But Rob has duty on Saturday also, so I'm not sure how he's going to work that with the Littles! And we don't get home until Monday night, so again, don't know what he's going to do about work. He's had six months to think about it, though...

But that's not the source. Oh, no. I'm beyond excited about what we're going to do for Spring Break, as the combined celebration for Jack's 6th and Sophia's 4th birthdays! So much so that I can scarcely sleep at night!


 Do you know what that is? Do you? Do you??!!

It's Great Wolf Lodge, in Williamsburg, Virginia! Just an hour north of us, this little gem has been there, just waiting for us to come and plan a visit. And now, we have! I found a great deal online, and since the kids get three weeks of Spring Break in their year-round plan, we were able to get a couple of days (we're only going for Weds and Thurs nights) during an off-peak week! As Chloë would say, "SA-WEET!"

There is SO much to do, so much we're looking forward to, and the kids don't even know the half of it yet! But I have been perusing the website like crazy, and babbling a blue streak to Rob about my finds. Poor Daddy only gets to come at night, after work, so he really doesn't want to hear it... which is why I must share with you!



For those who don't know about Great Wolf Lodge, it is a giant indoor waterpark! How fun is that?! As for me, I could spend my life in, on, and around the water. It draws me. It calls me. I need to be nearby. But being that it's as yet too cold to go to the beach or Busch Gardens' Water Country USA, also in Williamsburg, or even our own local one... this is perfect! And how fun does that family raft ride look? I can't wait to throw the kids in the middle and whish down the slide!



Floating in a tube on a lazy river is just about one of my favorite things to do at a waterpark. I was made for chillaxing, man. (It's probably why I'm so good at the Lotus Focus on Wii Fit - I was born to just sit there and do noting! Hee!) Now the girls should be brave enough to sit in their own tubes and float, while I carry Mr. Chickenhead.

Of course, there are all kinds of slides, and pools, and kiddie things to do in the waterpark area of the Lodge. I can't wait to try each and every one of the things the kids are old enough to try! But wait, there's more!




How cool is this?! Not only is there an Elements Spa for grown-ups with all kinds of pampering services (not that I plan to utilize any of them for this trip, as it's the kids' party and not mine!), but there is Scooops Kid Spa where the children can get manis and pedis themselves! My girls will LOVE this!! And all of the services are yummy dessert-themed, to boot!



Every night, there is story time, where the kids come down in their PJs and slippers and listen to a special story before heading up to bed.  How sweet!

There is SO much more to offer at the Lodge: a mini-golf course, surfing lessons, a rock climbing wall, a temporary tattoo station, two separate arcade rooms,  Lodge-wide game system, and more! There is even a 24-hour fitness center where Mom can go after the kids are in bed, so I can keep up my exercise routine while I'm away from home! Not that chasing after three kids in a waterpark all day won't be activity enough, y'know?



Ooh, and not only are there adults-only whirlpools, but they have big ones designated for the whole family! They thought of everything!



The Lodge also houses the Cub Club for little ones, where they can do make-and-take crafts (for a fee), and join in the daily coloring contest. On weekend nights, they even do babysitting so parents can go off and do their own thing!




Of course, there is souvenir shop where you can pick up anything you want GWL-themed, and another shop where you can buy anything you may have forgotten at home. There are four places to eat on site, some right next to the waterpark so you don't have to leave the fun! This will be great for us, since we'll be strapped without a car while we're there!



A build-your-own-Crocs station! I am definitely going to check this out, as I've been wanting a pair of Crocs since we went to Disneyworld in '06! Unless the price is astronomical (and I can imagine it will be) compared to a regular pair, I'll be coming home with my own Crocs!



Check this out - it's like the Great Wolf Lodge's own version of Build-a-Bear Workshop! You pick out your own wilderness critter, stuff, stitch, fluff and fill him, pick out some clothes, and then adopt him! I know all my kids would love to get one, but we may have to limit ourselves to just one for the family. Or else the girls can go to Scooops and Jack can get an animal; we'll see!


The fun doesn't stop just because we retire to our room for the night! There are many themed rooms at the lodge, and we chose the KidKamp Suite where the children get their own tent-themed room and can pretend they're camping for the night! It comes with their own TV and Nintendo game system; the adults have one in theirs as well. Sweet suite!

So as you can probably tell, I am positively bubbling over with enthusiasm about our trip, and I haven't even been there yet! I can't wait to experience it for real! If you've been, please let me know anything I need to about our stay, and if you haven't, check out the site for a Lodge near you!

You wanna know the best part? Even though we have to check out of our room on Friday morning at 11, we can stay at the waterpark all day until it closes (and Rob comes to pick us up)!! Wheee!