Six Hours Later...
Some Schmuck

Where A Kid Can Be A Kid

I want to sit here and bitch about one of the moms in our troop, but it might come back to bite me in the ass (I've found out, you never know who's reading!), so I'll skip it. Suffice it to say, I've had a frustrating day messing with that. And then I lost the check my SIL sent for her cookies and had to tear up the desk and the office looking for it - to no avail. Gah! I quit. Oh wait, it's over anyway.


So this enormous box came today, addressed to CARE Package. Someone found out about our charity, and she took it to her church members. She included a copy of the half-page notice to the congregation, all about a Supplies Drive for us! Nothing like this has ever happened for us before, so I'm so touched. If it were yesterday, I'd be sobbing all over the place. In the box, there was so much stuff, including birth announcements (aw), padded mailers for sending packages, lots of these ribbons and buttons and rickrack and binding things I don't even know how to use...


...tons of fabric of all colors, materials and patterns...


...a whole huge bin's worth of yarn!...


...and a bunch of crochet hooks, knitting needles, and seam rippers! Mandy H., if you are reading this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for blessing us with all of these wonderful supplies for CARE Package. We will make use of each and every item!!

Rob came home from work, and I ran Chloë to her ballet class. I had to dash back to the bank to deposit the rest of the troop money so I could submit our final report tonight, but I made it in time. Phew! During dance class, I had a good long conversation with both my dad and my grandpa, so that was nice. Poor Grandpa is full of complaints about getting old, but as he always says, it beats the alternative. Damn right; I'm not ready to give him up, and my plan is for him to live forever!


I came home wanting to eat something for the first time today, but having no interest in the crab cakes it feels like I've been eating nonstop lately. We have tons of accumulated freebies to different places, so I thought we'd use one tonight. The kids wanted Chuck E. Cheese - although Sophia was rooting for her favorite, IHOP - and Rob wanted Moe's. In the end, the big mouse won, and out we went.


The parking lot was packed, so we were nervous, but the restaurant itself wasn't bad at all. Don't know where all those people went, but it wasn't CEC! Anyway, Rob was concerned about what I'd eat, but I figured I'd try to eat some wings instead of pizza. We played around until our food came, and then I managed to get four wings down. And a mozzarella cheese stick or two. And then I felt sick. Waaay too much crap food for the pouch. But we pressed on, to use up all those free tokens.


Jack went around with Daddy, while the girls stuck with Mommy. They just could not get the hang of my arcade favorite, Skeeball. "Roll the ball, ladies, don't throw it!!"


Sophia met up with her brother for one of those water games where you aim and move the thingamajig up to the top. Surprisingly, they both aimed pretty well!


Who doesn't love to ride the carousel?


Back to the table after the tokens ran out, for more fuel. For them, not for me. By then, I wanted to get home now.  But, we had tickets to redeem, so Rob stood in the crazy long line while the kiddos pretended to play games. I'm not sure they realized they were not actually playing!


The Candy Man cometh. He redeemed all 156 tickets for Laffy Taffy, which they love. They were each given one piece and were begging for more. Nope, that's enough junk for one day!

Bedtime when we got home, although the only one really ready for sleep was Daddy! Jack and Sophia came down and watched the results of Dancing with the Stars with me, and then I sent them packing. I'm happy with Woz and Holly being kicked off tonight; it was a good vote.

So now, I'm left with three chores to do: run and buy the dog some food, pay the first-of-the-month bills, and do the tax forms for the charity. All I really want to do is daydream about the fun we're going to have tomorrow...!