An Excellent (Re)Post
Six Word Saturday

Cheers & Jeers

Last night, I knitted the back of the dress (see Friday Fragments post) while we watched Paul Blart: Mall Cop. The dress is fabulous; the movie, not so much. I absolutely hated it. I thought it was insultingly stupid, and I didn't laugh once. Rob maybe snorted once or twice, but we both give it one star out of five. It sucked! Don't rent this movie. If you already did and enjoyed it, what in God's name for?!

Tonight, we let the kids stay up way late (it's quarter after 11 and the movie just ended a quarter-hour ago) to watch Marley and Me, another in the mail from Netflix.  That there is a five-star flick, in both our opinions. The kids loved it, too. I whispered to Rob at the beginning that Chloë was going to cry her eyes out at the end, and I was not wrong. Little did I know that her tears would set off mine. I cried so hard! Curly Sue and I sat on the couch together, hugging and bawling; Rob held Jack on top of the dress up box; and Sophia was the tissue-runner. She kept handing us snotrags and getting in our faces, asking, "Are you all better and very happy now?" Good movie. Rent that one.

As for the dress? I was so into the movie that I've only finished the fair-isle colorwork near the bottom of the front. We've a third movie to watch, so I'll do the shaping and seaming then. Stay tuned.