Well, I Did It!
An Excellent (Re)Post

Friday Fragments



Friday comes fast for me now that I'm doing this carnival. Sorry I didn't get it up last night or this morning. Wait, that came out wrong...

**** Have you noticed the color is back in the posts? Typepad must have fixed something. Happy girl, me.

**** Went to my four-month surgery check-up yesterday, and Dr. C. was very happy with my more-than-85-lb weight loss. For sure I'll be hitting the 100-lb mark by 5 or 6 months, which many people don't do for a year. I haven't been taking my vitamins like I should, though, so I really need to start doing it before the 6-mo visit. I have to get bloodwork done for that, and I don't want to be scolded!

**** I also went to another doc appt in the evening for a yucky thing on my leg. Turns out it's a yeast thing, on my LEG. So gross. I probably shouldn't have shared that with y'all.  Hey, it's not the heat, it's the humidity. Two points if that made sense to you.

****  I finished the other two kids' shorts and am working on Jack's jammies shirt now. I'm a little burned out on froggies, so I'm taking a sewing break today. I'd show you the picture, but my camera's not uploading and I don't feel like rebooting right now. Stay tuned for that. They're cute.

**** I'm going to be making a new Etsy shop with a better name (Smellyann just isn't a great name for selling cute kid thing, eh?) but can't come up with a single swell idea. If you have one - or ten - PLEASE lay them on me!

**** Redbox Free Mondays are a thing of the past now, and have changed to once a month, so I've re-established our Netflix account. We got Paul Blart: Mall Cop yesterday, and I'm going to make Rob watch it with me tonight while I knit this cute little dress:


And now, I'm cute quotes from the kids:

**** Chloë, a minute ago: "So, what are we having for dinner tonight, Mom? What?! No mystery shops??"

**** Me to Sophie: "After this, I'm going to go color my hair."

      Soap: "I want you to color it pink!"

      Me: "No, I'm going to make it red."

      Soap: "And after that, you can color it rainbow!"

**** Sophia, playing by herself in the living room: *SCREAM* "Mommy! There's a dinosaur!"

      Me, thinking dragon instead of dinosaur, "Well, go vanquish it!"

     Sophie: "No, I'm just going to hiss at it."

**** Sophia in the car, out of the blue and not saying anything else before or after this: "I'm gonna lay a egg!"

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