Sew What

Oh, And...

Two things I forgot to add to last night's post:

1. I went for a meeting at the kids' school to see if Sophia was eligible for the Early Discoveries program next year. This is the all-day, every-day preschool program I was hesitant to send her to, because I thought it would be too much for her and too long to go without her (for me). It's technically for at-risk kids, which she really isn't, so they get first priority. I have no idea yet whether she'll be eligible, but I've changed my mind for a couple of reasons: (a) She really wants to go to school, and she's very smart, so a pre-K boost from people who really know what they're doing - I admit, I don't - can give her a great advantage, and (b) She needs the outlet, rather than getting into naughty things all day. This will give her something creative and educational to do, beyond the scope of what I can do for her here at home. I now think it would be very good for her, and she is beyond excited about the idea of going to school, wearing a backpack, bringing a lunch, etc.

Plus, they'd all be in school full-time next year, which would allow me the chance to get a PT job during the day! I could sock away my entire earnings toward paying off debt, which would be tremendously helpful.

Speaking of earnings, I just realized yesterday that Rob makes 8K more than I thought he did. Apropos of nothing...

2. After the meeting, I went to the bank. I had four things to accomplish for my duties to the Brownies troop: (a) Deposit our overage check from the council, for the cookie sale. Check. (b) Get them to change the statement address in the system, from the Leader's to mine. Still working on that, though this is the third time!!! (c) Order new checks, because we are officially out, and I couldn't get cheaper ones online through CITM or Current. Don't know if that order went through; she was supposed to call me... and (d) Find out where the missing dollar was, after our year-end financial review. Turns out it was the previous leader's error and not on my watch at all! Yippee Skippy!

Well, now that you know I actually left my house and did something productive yesterday, in addition to the crafty stuff, I feel better. Don't you? ;)