I Get Around

Pretty Fly For A White Guy

Whew! I just did 30 high-intensity minutes on the Wii Fit and am sweating like a dirty little piggy!  Gross. If this doesn't help the scale budge when I weigh-in tomorrow morning, I'll scream!

I'm gonna have to start walking the kids down to the bus stop in the morning. It's a problem, because I hate to have them walk down there by themselves, but at the same time, Sophia isn't awake more than half the time when it's time to go. If I wake her up, she's a total demon child, and if I don't, I run the risk of her waking up while I'm gone and either doing naughty-naughty, or worse, running outside to find me and ... bad things. But apparently Jack's getting picked on at the bus stop, so... demon child it is.


Here is that little demon-child as we speak. Looks like she'll be okay tomorrow morning, because she crashed with her daddy on the couch. She didn't sleep very well at all last night - she got up out of bed and stayed with me until 0100, and then woke up at 0800 for the day. I could not get her to take a nap today, either. She got into lots and lots of mischief today, too, the little imp. It's worn her out, for the night, I hope.

The mail brought a couple goodies. The first was a check for CARE Package, from some unknown entity called Asis Pharmacy. I know not from where they came, so it was a total surprise, and I wrote off quick thank-you to them. It was a nice tidy little sum, and it well help a great deal. Thank you, Asis-folk!


The second was this parcel from MixMyGranola.com: a mix of granola that Rob hand-picked, with my help, made from the finest ingredients. I gave it a silly name (if you can't read the above, it's called "Bob's Yum-Dummy Mixxy-Mix," because I'm stupid like that!) and ordered a pound for him. It's definitely not cheap, but according to Rob (I'm not allowed, too many carbs), it's rilly, rilly good.


The whole thing came in a tube about the size and shape of a Pringles can, and it's recyclable, of course.  I'm trying to get them to host a giveaway on this blog, so stay tuned for that, and cross your fingers they agree!  Leave lots of comments for them, so they will!

Rob came home muy late for my appointment with the doc, so I had to call and beg him to still see me. It was supposed to be at 3, and he said as long as I made it before 6, it was fine. Phew. So I dressed the little imp for dance and carted her along with me to the appointment, which lasted about five minutes while he wrote out the scripts and checked on my general well-being. I'm good. Very stable, thanks to modern medicine.

I dropped the Naughty One off to dance class and then rushed home to get her big sister. On the way there, I decided to have Rob drop me off at the grocery store and take the kids to dance himself, instead. This time,  I'd spent the afternoon playing the coupon game with groceries and wanted to go to Farm Fresh earlier in the day than usual. So we did just that.

I shopped while they were at Jazz, happy in the knowledge that I had lots of $1 coupons and Wednesday is double coupons up to $1 day. I rarely get to shop on Wednesday, because that's the day the ad comes out, and I don't have enough time to pull together a list and coupons. But there were so many things we needed and for which I had good coupons, I had to do it. And I saved about $74, representing 28% of our food. That's almost a third of our groceries, free. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times: I just don't understand people who don't use coupons!

I had a weird experience with one of the employees while shopping. She completely accosted me, and I was very uncomfortable. I went to the front office to complain, and they said they just sent her home early for that reason: she gives people the heebie-jeebies. She reached into my cart, grabbed my groceries, and took my canvas bags out from underneath! What the hell? That is not cool. And there is nothing wrong with her; she is not, well, "special" if you know what I mean. She's just very, very odd. So they want me to write a note about it for the higher-ups to see. I feel bad about that, but you can't just go around doing that to customers!


After we came home and scanned in the groceries for Homescan, we started planning what to have for dinner.  And then I had an oops! moment, when I realized I had two Sonic shops schedule for tonight, too. I swear, it's either Sonic or IHOP in this house. We all piled back into the van and did the two shops, back-to-back. Everyone ate the goods but me, because it was cheeseburgers and tots. I don't eat beef, and I don't need that junk anyway.  I ate some of my leftover crabcake from last night and was sated.

After homework was done, Chloë and I did the prep work for her Geocaching meeting with the Brownies tomorrow. She's terribly excited. I wish I were doing it; I've always wanted to go geocaching. We signed her permission slip for going online, and then we made her a tiny first-aid kit to go around her neck. The Neosporin I just bought (and got a great deal on, I might add) at Walgreens contained a little case for just such a purpose! It fits the tube of Neosporin, a few standard band-aids, and we stuck in some gauze. Voilà!

(Speaking of "voilà," I hate it when people write it as "wala" or something equally silly. Don't you?)

Then we went on the website some more and talked about lats and longs, GPS, travel bugs, and more geocaching stuff. We chose a small trinket for her to leave behind in the cache when they find it, so she can keep one: the little girl with a "1" statue she received on her first birthday. I'm kind of sad to see it go, but it's her choice, and really, it's just another dust-collector. Things are only things.

Finally, we packed her a small bag, with her online permission slip, trinket, a bottle of water, first-aid kit, and a snack. Guess she's ready for her little expedition tomorrow! I can't wait to hear how it goes.

So they went to bed, and I did my burn-out workout on the Wii. And that's the way it goes...


P.S. Oh yeah, the title. We picked up two fly traps from ACE Hardware the other day, and Rob installed them in the kitchen and bathroom. I bought him some fly spray at Walgreen's on Monday, too. He's been spraying them, vacuuming them, and checking the traps religiously. And it has cut down on the pests exponentially. Hopefuly, they'll soon be a thing of the past, thanks to his diligence. Never mind how the problem started in the first place...! Hee.