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Proud And Pleased

Today was not memorable, for the most part. Kids went to school. Kids came home from school. Curly Sue went to Tap class. Jack went along for the ride. Homework was done, dinner was eaten, rooms were cleaned up. The usual.

Except for one thing. I did Jack's homework with him today, which was just to name the months of the year. He stumbled a bit the first time, and so I made him do it again. Except for mixing up May and June, he got it all right.

And then... I pulled out his bag of words. They have been the same words, just more added, for months now. We've been practicing and practicing, working on these sight words.

But today's words were different There were 18 all new words, that I'd never seen him read before. I showed him the first set of 9, and he got Every. Single. One. right. Every one. I cheered, I praised, I high-fived, I hugged and I kissed. I was so happy! And so was the boy.

And then I showed Jack the second set of 9 words. He got those all right, too. He sounded them out beautifully, then repeated the words as a whole. All of them, on the first try.

Could I be more proud? No. I could not! I remember when Chloë learned to read, and I was ecstatic. But this is different. This is Jack! The boy who I thought might not ever live to this day. Not because of being born 9 weeks early. No, more because of all the times he pooped his pants and then spread the poo all over his walls, his bed, himself. Thought his dad might kill him.

But now?! He reads!! He's just over six years old, and he can read!!

I don't know who is more proud, him or me. I hope it's him.