Six Word Saturday Alert!

Saturday 9: Hot Fun In The Summertime


Yeah, I'm doing this nine-question carnival, too. Why not? I need blog filler until I can post a regular one, anyhoo, and questions are always fun. To answer, if not to read, anyway! Here goes:

1. Is Summer your favorite season? Why?

Absolutely, it is! Two things I live for are being in and around the water, and warmth. That pretty much sums it up for me.

2. Do you exercise more in the summer because you wear less clothing?

I don't know. I don't think so. I guess my exercise patterns don't have anything to do with the seasons. If I'm doing the Wii Fit, chances are I've stripped down to my skivvies beforehand, anyway!

3. Do you enjoy tanning or are you more concerned about the dangers of basking in the sun?

Without a doubt, it's the latter. Tanning = bad! Humans were not meant to wear leather or BE leather, imho.

4. You are on the beach when a waiter asks for your drink order. What do you ask for?

In a pre-op world, I'd pick an ice-cold piña colada. Nowadays, it'd have to be water with lemon.

5. Do you camp in the summertime?

Not since I was a kid, but we are hoping to do that soon, having been amassing some good camping gear. Maybe this year, but definitely next.

6. What was your favorite summer vacation as a kid?

Probably August 1991, just before I turned 15, when we went on a Carnival cruise to the Caribbean. I hated my family life, but on a cruise ship, you can kind of be off to yourself and do your own thing, even at that age. Plus I had a great, quickie vacation romance, and I'm still friends with the guy today!

Then there were all those summers at the Jersey Shore, which cemented my love for the ocean. Great times.

7. Do you enjoy sleeping outdoors?

I do. I love the sounds of nature.

8. Do you throw a summer barbecue every year?

Nope, sure don't. I don't love hosting and entertaining, because I have anxiety attacks, OCD, and I can't just relax and enjoy myself. It kind of sucks, minus the "kind of."

9. Have you ever been to a nude beach? If yes, what did you think?

Not really a nude beach, per se, but I've been to beaches where there was nudity. I think nothing of it. I'm glad I'm not a man, though, so you can't visibly tell when I'm excited! Hehe.