Wordless Wednesday: Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy


So I woke up this morning feeling much better in the uretal region. I decided to cancel my appointment with the doc for this afternoon. My MIL implored me not to cancel it. I should have listened to her. Now it hurts again. I will go in tomorrow.

Oh, and I weighed in this morning. No change since last weekend. I was afraid of that. Actually, I was afraid of a gain, so at least it's not that.  I'm officially in a stall. I kicked it up a notch on the Wii Fit tonight and completely tuckered myself out. Hopefully I won't be too sor to get on it tomorrow night! That Expert-level Boxing is brutal if you really put yourself into it!


After some clean-up and breakfast this morning, Team Odette all piled into the van for a quick trip to the aeropuerto to pick up Grandpa (Rob's dad, in from Michigan).


After we parked and got upstairs, we found ourselves with lots of waiting time before the flight got in. So the Odettelettes stopped to check out the model airport table, which they always enjoy. I love those itty-bitty cars. How do they make them so tiny?!

Check out how long Chloë's hair is. I'm always amazed by it, since my hair just will not grow that long. Sophie keeps telling me she wants long hair like her sister's now. Let's just hope she doesn't chop it off again!


After much anticipation, Grandpa arrived at last. The children all ran to meet him and shower him with hugs & kisses, which he enjoyed very much. It was sweet.


We cleared out of the airport pretty quickly (no checked bags) and stopped at the grocery store for a beer run. Grandpa likes his suds. At home, he drank a quick one while I grabbed the Restaurant.com certificate for Central 111 Tapas, where we wanted to take him for lunch.  Then we piled back into the van, where the kids insisted he sit in the back with them. He was happy to oblige, so Rob and I held hands in the front all the way to the restaurant. I restrained from grabbing his package, like I like to do when we're driving along (I do the driving when we're together).

Well, we made it to 111, only to find out they were closed! I knew they were opened on Sundays, so I called the number on the certificate only to find out they don't open until 1700! And it was only 1400 then. Suckage. Plans spoiled.

Al (Grandpa) saved the day by spotting a place called "Warrior Grill" a few doors down. We decided to check it out.

It turned out to be a Mongolian BBQ place. I was dubious, since I don't like barbecue-anything, but what the hell. We were there.


It turned out to be really cool! Have you ever eaten at a Mongolian BBQ? Here's what you do (at least there): Grab a bowl, pick all the foods you want fried up on their grill, starting with noodles, then veggies, then meats, and finally your sauces. They take the bowl, dump it on the grill and cook it up, and hand it back to you on a plate. And it tastes GREAT. Mine was heavy on the chicken, because of course I need the protein, but Jack's was all noodles and carrots. The girls chose lots of tomatoes and mushrooms. Everybody gets what they like and you can go up for more! Every one of us really enjoyed it. And I was able to talk my way into the kids' price with my gastric bypass restaurant card, which was a big deal since they spoke almost no English.

So, I definitely recommend going to a Mongolian BBQ, if you've never checked one out. It's fun!

From there, we went back home so a tuckered-out Sophia could nap, Chloë and Rob could clean their (portions of their) rooms, Al could rest, and Jack and I could go do a Stride Rite mystery shop.

The boy and I drove to the mall in the pouring rain, and we got soaked running into the building. Once again, I forgot his raincoat.  I tend to be really bad about coats. I don't know why, it's like I have a coat defect. I don't like 'em, but I forget others need 'em.  Shame.

Our first stop was, of course, the shoe store. We quickly did that and bought him a pair of shoes, then scooted around the corner so I could fill in my paperwork. We needed to return those shoes later, so we went shopping to fill some time. I had two goals: get exactly ONE piece of chocolate coconutty goodness, which is my favorite thing on the planet and which I did not get to have "one last one" of before surgery. My plan was to take one eensy-teeny bite and give the rest to Jack. The other goal was to see if I could find something with out Xs in the size that I could wear - but for super cheap.

Fish pannies  Baseball pannies

Well, I'm a sucker for children's clothes, as you well know, so first we stopped in the Gap Kids store.  I didn't find any clothes on clearance (everything was 25% off though, if you're interested), but I did find some way marked down undiepannies for Jacky-boy. They can always use cute unders.

Ariel Cars FFs

After that, we stopped in the Disney store. I'd been trying to buy Sophie a new swimsuit cover-up and the kids some flip-flops for the beach on their website, but that was when Rob lost the card and it kept getting declined. So I was pleased to see that the store's prices matched the steep discounts online, and I was able to get four pairs of flip-flops (Jack couldn't decide between Cars or Wall-E ones), three kids' tees, Sophie's cover-up, and a HUGE Mickey Mouse canvas tote bag (for groceries and stuff, natch) for under $40. The t-shirts were three bucks apiece; I'd have gotten more, but I didn't really like the selection. No High School Musical or Hannah Montana clothes for us, thanks.

We passed Gymboree, and I was able to look it squarely in the, uh, archway and pass right by it. I knew I'd want to buy everything I saw in there, so no, that wasn't happening. We also skipped Build-A-Bear, because I had some really great coupons for there - at home. Rats.

{OOPS, I accidentally just hit "publish," so there's a lot more to come if you're already reading this - check back!)

Ugh, it just changed my font to TNR, which I haaaate...


We stopped by the "We Are Nuts" Kiosk to get my chocolate coconutty goodness, but they didn't have it!! Which is good. I'm pleased that whole thing was averted. It wasn't such a good goal, really!



We were right outside Old Navy by then, so I thought I'd peruse the sales and clearance racks there, too. I didn't find anything for myself, but I found cute socks, shirts, and shorts for the kiddos. And a dress for frock-loving Sophia. All for cheapy-cheap!  I got the above outfit for The Chlo, along with a tee to go with the white capris. She loved it and looked adorable in it. I hope she wears it tomorrow so I can get a pick. I've already warned her to wear white pannies under the capris, worry not!

Mom & Jack3 

Mom & Jack2 

Mom & Jack1 

Mom & Jack 

Jack spotted a photo booth and asked if we could go take our pictures. SURE! I normally hate having my picture taken, but I was on a special outing with my oft-grouchy son, and he was in a good mood. I wanted to keep it that way, and I knew it would be fun for both of us. And, you can see it was. Silliness!

Back at home, I traded out kids after reading my shop report for Jason's Deli. Chloë and I drove over, and she picked out pasta and meatballs (wha?) for her dinner. I decided not to eat dinner tonight, opting instead just to drink my protein, so the meal was all for the kids. The shop went really well, and we ran home again in the still-pouring rain so she could eat. Jack didn't want any, and Sophie was still napping, so it was just as well that Chloë had an enormous appetite and ate almost the whole plate!

The boys just had sammiches for dinner, and when Soap finally awoke, she had mac & cheese. I had a protein shake before my workout on the Wii Fit. I worked really hard tonight... but I think I said that already, didn't I?

And now, I'm going back to my digi-scrapping. I'm almost done with April!

So how was your weekend?