I Think I Can, I Think I Can...
Six Word Saturday

Aloha Friday Fragments


It's that time of the week again - TGIF! If you're fragmenting today, be sure to link up here! A few thoughts, and then some cute quotes:

☼ I really hate abridged blog entries on Google Reader. I don't know Bloglines or any other readers, but I hate it when the blog entries say "click over to read the rest of this entry" on GR. It makes me less likely to read the whole post - and subsequently, comment. I really need to be captured by the first couple of sentences in order to click that link, and it rarely happens. Go back to showing the whole post in Reader!

☼ Does anyone actually watch I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here??? Really?!

☼ On the other hand, I adore So You Think You Can Dance (although, seriously, what's with the super-long reality TV titles?). It's one show that can get me to put down my knitting and look up at the screen. Do you watch?

☼ Sophia, 4: "I like roly-poly bugs and ladybugs AND butterflies. I like ALL those animals!"

☼ Jack, 6: "Is Bounce (our pet bunny who just died) going to go to heaven?"

Sophia: "I think he'd rather hop to Great Wolf Lodge."

☼ Chloë, 7½: "Is there such a thing as Ancient Virginia?"

☼ Jack: "How old is Daddy?"

Mommy: "Almost 37."

Jack: "Wow, he's almost OLD?!  He's almost 100?!!"

☼ Chloë: "What did you eat when you went to Europe?"

Mommy: "Oh, a little bit of everything..."

Chloë: "Even tomatoes?!"

☼ Sophia, remembering that Bounce is, uh, in the deep freezer until we have a chance to bury him, talking to him in the freezer, "Hey, Bounce, are you eating all the pizza in there?"

Crack me up, these kids do.


 So now, a question for all of you hear for Aloha Friday:

 What's your favorite downtime activity? If you're a crafter, what do you?