Wordless Wednesday: Topaz
The Latest And Greatest

Hump Day

I'm tired. Bullets it is:

  • Up early, kids up, off to school, hurrah
  • Did ~7-8 loads of laundry with Sophie's help

  • Watched new Veggies movie with Jack and Soap

  • Took short nap

  • Took kids to Sophie's dance class while Rob went to do motorcycle road test

  • Rob couldn't do test because of rain. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • Stopped for 99¢ chicken sandwich at Wendy's to fill hungry little tummies

  • Drove home during Chloë's class because I forgot my phone and wanted to see how the road test went. It didn't, so printed out all my shop paperwork, grabbed Rob & mail, and went back

  • Did first Exxon mystery shop. Gross poop in toilet & I had to photograph it

  • Did second Exxon mystery shop - thank God the restroom was clean

  • Did Shoe Carnival shop. Found pair of shoes to replace my most beloved shoes ever, a $5 Kmart special, that broke a year or two ago

  • Decided to do Texas Roadhouse shop tomorrow and went home so Rob could make dinner & I could do homework with the kids

  • Chloë, who used to languish for hours over simple homework, is getting it done lickety-split now that I'm setting a time limit for earning Game of Life points. And she's getting it right, too!

  • 100_1002 

  • Helped Chloë finish her special marine-life-made-of-recycled objects project. This is the seal she made, with an empty water bottle for the body. She was thrilled with it; she thought it was "so cute"

  • Ran to Farm Fresh for more bottled water and five bucks for Jack's 2 school parties next week - OOPS, forgot to give it to him, better get it out right now

  • Sonic Free Floats 

  • Took the family to Sonic for Free Root Beer Float night

  • Teared up a little when Chloë said she was sad that I couldn't have one, but hid it

  • Think I might work on Jack's shirt a little before waking Rob to go upstairs.