Friday Fragments
Restaurant Review: Central 111 Tapas

Aloha Friday


Visit An Island Life if you wanna answer more questions today. At least answer mine, though. I had a good question for y'all, but I've forgotten it. I asked Rob for suggestions, but he didn't have any decent ideas. So this is what I've come up with:

Have you ever kicked a guy in the nuts? If not, have you ever wanted to?

I have. I was a teenager and my friend Mike P. was picking on me. He's my ex-boyfriend twice over, but I'm not sure he was at that time yet. Anyway, a whole bunch of us were playing some sport with a ball in a park, and I was pissed and hauled off and caught him square in the nads.  I immediately regretted it when I saw his reaction (I didn't grow up with any brothers, y'see). Sorry, Mike P. Thanks for not kicking me back in the cooch.