It's Raining, It's Pouring...
Wordless Wednesday: Tormenting Tinkerbell

'Cation Biber School


I can't really think what we did during the day yesterday, so here are a few pictures to get you started. And... I just realized that cushion is on backward. Nice. I will say that the exhaustion I've been feeling lately continued into the new week, so I canceled almost all of my mystery shops for the remainder of the month (great thing for a new Gold to do, not) and will be taking it easier unless something really great comes up. I need a little break.

100_1585 100_1586 Rob has quite a collection of Harley Davidson t-shirts, and yesterday's mail brought two  more for the collection from his sister, Gail. He wore the white one immediately!

100_1587 100_1588 After I finished folding some laundry yesterday (I do, on the rare occasion, do a little housework around here), the kids played "train" with the laundry baskets. They were having a grand old time!

So this week all THREE of them are going to Vacation Bible School (or what Sophie calls it, in the post title) in the evenings. Which is freaking awesome. I swear I'm going to be one of those moms that goes around and signs their kids up at various churches week after week, to get that daily break! That would be SWEET.

Today, they drove me absolutely nucking futs, with the whining and griping and neediness. I didn't sleep well, which compounded the problem, so I was probably unfairly grumpy with them today. Sorry, darlings. Tomorrow is a new day.

So, so much for stealth knitting!

Steph came over today with her two daycare charges to go swimming. Thank God, because it gave us a good excuse to get right up and out of the house, instead of sitting in the sweltering heat all day (I've shut off the AC to stop that damned dripping all the time, and at midnight now it's 81º in the house) making each other crazy.

The pool was fun, Steph and I talked at length while playing with this torpedo toy she brought. The kids swam and ran around (when mine weren't clinging to their mama) and mostly enjoyed themselves until hunger struck.  So we didn't stay long enough to really wear them out but good, but ah well. Tomorrow's another chance!

Anyway, I left the knitting progress out on the desk, and Steph asked to see it. You know I can't keep a secret to save my life, right? Well, a GOOD secret that I'm excited about, like a present... so I made her promise to act surprised at her baby shower, and I showed her all the goods. Here's the pattern I'm working on for wee baby Luke:

5b-2_medium  5-2_medium Is that not the cutest darn thing you ever saw in your whole life?!! I love it so. I just hope I can do justice to it. For now, I am working on the hat. After she left, I finally got some of the red into it:

100_1597 So I'll be working on that after I'm done here, hopefully finishing it up tonight before working on the next piece. I don't know which piece I'll work on next, but I'm thinking the mitts. You know, get the small stuff out of the way first so I'm good and used to the tiny yarn and needles.

While the kids were at VBS tonight, I napped. I meant to nap for maybe an hour, but it was over three by the time I finally popped awake, wondering where my family was!  Rob was picking them up from church, and they ran in all excited about tonight's activities - and the snacks. If there's one thing my kids love, it's snacks!

I had to leave after that - at 2130! - to do an audit of a popular kid-friendly restaurant chain in Chesapeake. It paid well, so I kept that one, being as it was for Gold-only shoppers. My first Gold-only!  That went quickly and now I'm home... wishing Rob was awake for some quality time, but he's getting some well-deserved sleep after cutting the front "lawn" today. All five inches of it. Hee.

Stay tuned for Wordless Wednesday!