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Friday Fragments


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☼ I'm grouchy. I took Chloë with me to the store at 10:30 PM, 'til midnight, because I didn't feel like being alone. She chattered my ear off the entire time, which was nice, but the manager saw us all over the store with my handful of coupons. She came up to the front when we were checking out so she could monitor all my coupon activity. What is she, the savings police? Irritating.

☼ I think physical attributes should be an all-or-none proposition. For instance, at dinner tonight, there was a young woman (well, older than me, but still young) who was a butterface. You know? Everything looked good but her face? I hate that. You should either be totally hot, or you should be ugly with a gross body. (Rob thinks I'm cute, so I guess I don't fit my own rule, since I have a yucky body.) Likewise, I absolutely HATE it when I see someone with a fat body and nice, thin, shapely legs. They should be fat from head to toe. Consistency is key, people!

☼ Sophia fussed about going to VBS tonight and last night because she didn't like the "mushy face class." I've been trying like hell to figure out what the heck mushyface meant! We had to coax her in with chocolate milk and bananas yesterday; today was much smoother although she still complained about that mushyface. Turns out it's one of the girls in her class. I don't know what makes her a mushyface. I can only guess. Hopefully it's that she had something mushy ON her face, and not a mushed-up face. Then I would feel bad.

☼ Rob is forever insisting that he has a little head. He does not. He has the same 21" head circumference that I do and forever tells me that I have a big head. Hello?! AND, he's got a little teeny-tiny body, and a skinny, narrow face. So his head looks like an ice cream cone. And throw his body in there, and he's like a helium balloon bopping around on a string. Small head, indeed.

☼ I took the kids to their new, pediatric dentist yesterday. Sophia cried desperately from first thing in the morning when I informed them they would be going, until they were called in from the waiting room in the late afternoon. She was traumatized by losing her teeth last year, y'know. (For non-regulars: she is four and lost them when she hung upside-down and fell last summer.) Anyway. It turned out to be a FABULOUS visit. I absolutely LOVE the new dentist and his office! Like night and day from our last dentist, Dr. M. From beginning to end, I was impressed, and kept gushing over them while still there and later on the phone to Rob and to my sister. Seriously, if you're a Va Beach local and you have kids, take them to Dr. Cox on the Boulevard!  (These are long "fragments" this week, eh?)

☼ I had my six-month post-surgery check up today. I didn't weigh myself this morning, but I'm between 108-110 lbs lost in that time. Yay! Dr. Clark was thrilled with my progress but warned me that the honeymoon phase is over and now I really need to work at it to lose and then maintain.  I need to keep the protein really high (higher than my blood test results said they were, oops) and my carbs low, which I generally do, and add lots of resistance training to my exercise routine. And my Vitamin D was low, so I need to add a supplement. Can't I just make like a lizard and sit out in the sun on a rock all day? Iron was good, though - yay!

☼ Rob went to take another motorcycle test yesterday. Because he has two failures already, they wouldn't let him, saying he needed instead to take the $120 class that he has already taken - and also not passed. Sigh. I gave him an ultimatum: Get that thing on the road by the end of August, or I'm getting rid of it. I mean, we've been paying for it a year now, man!!  (I guarantee you I wouldn't do that, but I might kick it a couple times when I walk past it, that's for sure.)

☼ I haven't seen my regular shrink in a while, since I've been doing well on just meds lately. I'm having a problem I really need to talk to her about (will blog about that sometime soon, I'm sure), so I called today to make an appointment. Lo and behold, she has up and retired without telling me! Can people do that? Make drastic changes in their lives without informing Queen Melanie? I think not. Now I need to find yet another therapist. It's only a matter of time before The Crazy comes back, and I better have someone waiting in the wings when it does.

☼ No Cute Kid Quotes this week. It's not that the Odettelettes were unfunny; they were amusing as ever. I just didn't feel like doing anything remotely like work this week, and writing shit down counts.

Happy Friday!