Aloha Friday
Saturday 9: Rain

Friday Fragments


Thanks to Mrs4444 for starting Friday Fragments & letting us unload all our random thoughts from the week. Click over for more fragmenting fun - and join us.

☼ Things I'm sick of this week (some are obvious, but too bad:

  • Sitting in 100º+ heat and not having air conditioning. We're sitting around naked, and some of us don't look good that way. 
  • Not having my van since February. Not good for the mental health to have my freedom taken away for so long, you know?
  • Having the living room stuff in the office, the office stuff in our bedroom, and a soaking wet rug in the living room. It's been three weeks since the new floor was put in the office, and that's plenty of time to have had the other room packed up and completed. Argh!
  • "Staycation." We get it already, the country's broke and no one's going anywhere. But this is one new term that can go the way of the dodo, as far as I'm concerned.
  • "I'm just sayin'." It was cute when I read it here or there on occasion, but now it's cropping up on every other blog I read. Overused much?

☼ Now that I've moved everything for CARE Package over to the new domain, it's time to revamp the site. Not only that, but I have made one decision: After I do my knitting for Steph's baby Luke, I am going to design at least ONE thing for CARE Package volunteers by the end of this year. I don't know what, but it will probably be small and crocheted. It might not be good, but at least I'll have made the attempt!

☼ I asked Rob to buy milk for the kids for two days, and he kept forgetting. He apologized to Chloë - the only kid there at the time - when he had to leave for work with, again, no milk in the house. When he left, she told me, "That's okay, it's more important to love Daddy than milk." I thought that was sweet. ♥

That's it this week. As soon as 1100 rolls around, we are walking to the pool. Gotta get out of this oppressive heat!