Well. Never Mind, Then.
'Cation Biber School

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

So this sucks.

Our house is falling apart. Literally.

We can't even finish the floor because, suddenly, it is raining IN OUR HOUSE ALL DAY LONG. We have pots on the floor. In the living room. Catching the rain.

It's not really rain, of course. It's the air conditioning giving way. After a few days of the constant drip-drip-gush-dripping, Rob finally called the AC people to come have a look-see. Today, they did. The news was not good.

Our AC is completely rusted through and about to fall through the ceiling. No, we do not have a few thousand dollars to spare to fix it. So... unless our insurance once again steps up to bail us out, I don't know. I guess we'll buy some fish to pretty up those pots a little?

And I can't even show you what I've been knitting on and off all day. That's the nature of stealth knitting, see. It's seeeeeeeecret. But so soft and wee!