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Restaurant Review: Central 111 Tapas

I've written about Central 111 Tapas before, but it's time for another review.

We went there again last night, while the kids were at Vacation Bible School. They're definitely friendly to kids, but it's not really a place for children, so if you can go without them do!  We had yet another certificate for Central 111, so we figured a child-free night was a great time to use it.

(Head on over to now, to get $25 restaurant certificates for only $2 with the code "NAPKIN" before this deal expires in a few days!)

So anyway, if you've never had tapas before, they are "small plates" and are a Spanish thing. You get multiple plates and share them, and Central 111 has a wide variety of delicious offerings, to please even the pickiest palates.  You can certainly go with a budget in mind, if you're using a certificate, and stick within that budget. We've done it three or four times now, and they're always gracious about accepting the certificates.

But that's not all!

When we went last night, we didn't know that Thursday was ladies' night. They are going all out for the ladies!  In addition to the yummy tapas you can get with your awesome certificates, they are offering women:

  • $2 specialty martinis! (I got the strawberry one, and whoo, was it strong. I had about 2-3 sips before giving the rest to Rob, who got plastered between that and his beer) That price is good from 5-8 PM; they go up to $4 from 8 PM to close.
  • Free cheese and cracker plate
  • Free chocolate fountain
  • Free manicures
  • Free massages, in a massage chair like at you see at the mall

Isn't that awesome?! If you're a woman in Hampton Roads, get thee to a Central 111 on a Thursday night pronto! (Be prepared to be surrounded by The Beautiful People. They descend upon that place in droves.)

It's just a really cool restaurant. The lighting and décor are fantastic, the music is fun, there are great seating options, the food and drink rock, and ... well, I just can't say enough about it. Go!