R-O-C-K In The USA
Years Of Tears

Sleep Don't Come Easy

Yep, it's 1:25 AM and I'm wide awake. What the heck else is new?

So the most exciting thing today didn't happen at all.

Huh? What's that you say? Come again?

Rob fixed his truck - did I mention that yesterday? He was going to take it today for inspection, which of course he must have in order to drive it but especially in order to drive it on base. I waited all day for him to come home and take it in. The anticipation of getting Vanna back was absolutely killing me.

He came home.

Changed out of his uniform.

Got in the truck.

Drove it away.

And... it died. Before he even left the neighborhood.

Somebody please, shoot me now!!!!

I don't have anything else fun to report. We did laundry. I went grocery shopping, sorta. We needed, oh, laundry detergent. So I went to the store, with a coupon for that and nothing else, and no list. Came home later with $100 worth of nothing special. It was absurd. I don't know why I did that.

So I've decided, after poo-pooing the whole of the blogosphere being at the big BlogHer '09 conference this past weekend, that I want to go to BlogHer '10 in NYC next August!

I mean, meeting everyone and exchanging cards and going to parties sounds fun and all that - but, I doubt anyone would really care to meet me - but what I really want to go for is the swag! Hello, swag!!!  I hear it's pretty awesome.  And NYC? I'm always up for a reason to go.*


*Unless you call me, shouting in my ear, about a casting call for my daughter that's three days away...