Six Word Saturday
Well. Never Mind, Then.

Sometimes I'm Just So Tired

Well, yeah, so the rain ruined our month-long plan to go to Water Country USA today (the big waterpark up in Williamsburg).  It was cool, too, so just not a great day for that.

But it was just as well.

My whole life, I've had the habit of go-go-going until I practically drop dead from exhaustion.  We've really been on the run a lot lately, and today, I slept. Rob decided we weren't going to go to the park, so he let me sleep. I didn't wake up 'til 11.

After less than half an hour, I napped again. I ended up taking three back-to-back naps today, sleeping until 8 pm!

He had the kids outside all day with him while he worked on the truck (no, it is still not running), so I could sleep.

And now? I'm ready for a nap.  Hopefully this will all be over by tomorrow, when I'll be on the go again.  Geez, I hope this isn't a growth spurt! ;)