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I am sick AGAIN (flu, this time), so this will AGAIN be pretty short:

☼ Chloë, 8, had to do a sort of short-answer book report for school. One of the questions was, "How can you tell that this was a {insert genre here, I forget what it was} story?" Her answer was, "Because I read it." BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Duh, teacher! It kills me.

☼ At 0300 AM Wednesday morning, Sophie, 4½, was wide awake. She exclaimed, "NOT SICK ANYMORE!" right before a tremendous coughing fit. I replied, "Yeah, it sure sounds like it..." She defended, "That was Chloë!" (who was upstairs)  Hee.

☼ Sick as a dog, Sophia woke up from a nap, out of a sound sleep, to look at me and say, "Mom, when I'm a grown up, can I say a bad word?"

(I asked her if she wanted to say one, and she became very serious and wide-eyed, telling me, "Nooo... kids can't say bad words!")

☼ Sophie was leaning on me and said, "Thanks for letting me borrow your shoulder for an armrest!" Now that I type that out, you had to be there. It was pretty cute the way she said it.

☼ You know how you get excited when you manage to catch a fly that's floating around in the air? (Just say yes, even if I'm the only one.) Well, I just did that, and it turned out to be lint. Buzzkill!

That's all I've got this week. No deep thoughts here, people! ;)