Saturday 9: Inside Job

It's A Boy!!!


Presenting.... Lucas Wayne G., born Sunday, October 18, 2009!

I'll let Stephanie share all the details of their birth story with you, but Luke was born this morning after an unplanned c-section, when it was determined that he was in the full breech position. Poor Steph! She had her heart set on a natural delivery and didn't want this at all. I've been telling her and telling her - probably to her utmost annoyance - to prepare herself and read up on c-s deliveries "just in case," because "you never know" - and I'm so glad she did do just that. So it wasn't the "perfect" delivery at all, and I personally understand how disappointed she is. (I've had three c/s myself, that I didn't want!)

I didn't get to see Steph all day, because she and Luke were recovering from their busy morning and I had shops all day. (I was supposed to be in bed - more on that in the next post - but I'm a stubborn ass.) So we were just sitting down to dinner, out, for a mystery shop, when Steph texted me that I could come visit now. Agh! And I had to hurry up before her parents arrived in two hours and kicked me out!

So we ate dinner as fast as we could, and then I dropped everyone off at home before taking off to the hospital. Kids under 18 are no longer allowed as visitors, and mine were very disappointed not to be able to see the baby. They were so excited about his birth, though!

As soon as I got there, I got kicked out by the nurse, who was helping Steph get up and out of bed to clean herself up and feel better. Her sister, M, and I went down to the waiting room and chatted a while, until Tim came back to get us. And when we got there, the baby was gone for some reason or other, I forget.

Finally, they brought Luke in, and I got to hold him. Oh, my. People, I have not seen such a cute, perfect little baby in the longest time. He's absolutely beautiful. He looks just like his father - except for the shape of his head, which is all Steph. I am in love with him!

Eventually, after I held and admired him for an age, Steph decided it was time to try nursing him again. I helped her as much as I could, but it's weird not being on the "mom" side of things. I kept having to pretend to nurse to remind myself how to hold the baby and the boob, so I could show her. I think, I hope, it helped. She was pretty stressed out, but I tried to assure her that it's a learning process for both mom and baby, and no one automatically knows what to do when their first baby is born!

A couple hours after I got there, Stephanie's parents and brother showed up from Pennsylvania, so it was time for me to go. Hopefully, I'll get to bring her some lunch and see the baby some more tomorrow. Steph, call me if you need anything, if you're being a naughty girl and reading this instead of actually getting some sleep! ;)


Congratulations, Mama!