My Body Is In One-Derland
A Breakthrough?

One Sick Puppy

So much for a relaxing day off.Rob let me sleep in 'til 1100 or so, and when I woke up, Chloë was sound asleep next to me.

I got up and felt her cheek, and she was burning up. Took her temp and it was 103.2º. 

She's been coughing up a lung for two weeks now, and the cough got much worse over the weekend, with some throwing up added in there, just for kicks.

So, I called the doc, and they said to bring her in at 1300. I grabbed a quick shower, and when I called her to get dressed, she just flopped on the floor and wouldn't move. She was completely listless, unable to get up and get clothes for herself. Poor thing.

I knew she wouldn't be able to walk all the way down the long halls to the PEDS clinic, so I went next door and borrowed a stroller from the neighbor, to wheel my sick baby around the hospital. It was that or the wagon...!

At the hospital, her fever had come down to 99º after a dose of Tylenol. She was still barely there, though, with the saddest face ever. She was completely miserable. The doctor listened to her for a long time, and then pronounced her sick with both viral and bacterial pneumonia. My poor kid!

So, she had to get a shot in the thigh with some antibiotics, and then they sent her home with more antibiotics, Tylenol, Motrin, and Zofran for the nausea. With instructions to come back if she puked (or the other) too much and got dehydrated, for fluids. I'm trying to pump her full of drinks today, but she keeps falling asleep and lolling around, although she did drink a nice, big glass of milk a little while ago.

I went to the store and got all kinds of soups and broths for tomorrow. Rob is staying home with her while I work, and then I get home at 1500 so he can go to work. It's possible that Sophie may be staying home tomorrow, too - her cough is starting to sound just as nasty as Chloë's. If she does stay home, well, I don't know if Rob will take them both to the doctor. I guess it depends how miserable the older sicky is.

In Lump news, I called this morning and couldn't get an appointment until November 6th. !!!!!!! I was really upset about that.

So while we were at the hospital, I went down to the radiology clinic to beg them to squeeze me in sooner. Like, today. Their next available appointment was the 9th, so that didn't work out, but they said to call every day in case there is a cancellation. I think I might just go mad waiting for November 6th to roll around...

Anyway. Back to Farmville on Facebook. At least my critters there aren't sick! ;)