Six Word Saturday
Trick Or Treat!

Thoroughly Aggravated

I am so upset!!

The black-tutu girl never showed up last night, and around noon, I called and left another message saying how upset I was about the tutu.

She finally called me around 1330, saying she was sorry and had to work really late, but could she come get the tutu now?

I was elated! Of course she could!!

And then I went to get it. I had put it on the front porch for her last night, in the big Old Navy bag, in case she wanted it while I was out bringing Rob-and-crew their dinner. She didn't come, and I didn't bring it in when I got home, because I don't know why, so this is all complately MY fault.

But, I did ask Rob to bring it in last night when he came home from work, and he did not. So it's partly his fault too, yay! I'm going to dwell on the part that's his.

Anyway, he never brought it in last night, and I didn't wake up 'til noon today, so sometime between last night and 1330 today, someone came and took that bag o' tutu off my porch and stole it. It's gone. It's not anywhere. The neighbors don't have it, and Rob ran all around the neighborhood, looking to see if it blew away.


Who sees a bag on a porch, thinks, "Oh, I wonder what's in there?" and finds a tutu, that they NEED to steal? Who steals a tutu? And what are they going to do with it? It was huge, too!

So I called the girl back, and explained the situation, and I could hear the frustration in her voice. I offered her any other color tutu, but I just do not have enough black to make her another one in her size.

She and her mother came over to see what I have - which was completely mortifying, because they were nice, decent people, and my sick-haus is a DISASTER this week - but nothing I had would work for her. She needed black. Blaaaaaaaack.

She was so tiny, I thought I maybe COULD make her the tutu with what I have left after all, but she needed it in an hour for her thing that she had to go to. She's a dancer, so I guess it was for a performance.

I'm so upset!! Seriously? You stole a tutu? Tutu-stealer, you suck ass!!!!