Wordless Wednesday: The Latest Flu Victim
Update From The FluHaus

Three Down, None To Go...

...to school, that is.

We kept all three home from school today. Chloë was a given, after yesterday; Sophia was a pretty sure thing, and Jack was the surprise sicky this morning. All three had a fever, all three were coughing, and the girls were throwing up. Awesome stuff!

Chloë was much more chipper today, but Sophie took a nosedive and was about as miserable today as her big sis was yesterday. And it's a rare thing for Sophie to feel that bad, so I knew she was very sick. She rarely loses her smile, but today, it just wasn't in sight.

I had to go to work, so Rob pulled Dad Duty in the morning. Basically, feeling sick himself and having three lethargic little babies scattered around the various couches, that meant dosing them with meds before passing back out himself!

At work, I was scheduled to be a bagger for the day, instead of the cashier I was hired to be. That pissed me off. Strike one. (I freaking hate when they do that. And then expect me to do bagger duties like cleaning? I don't effing think so.)

Strike two was when I checked my schedule for next week and found I'd been given all of 8½ hours. What? That's bullshit. Clearly, they don't need me. I was supposed to work 8:30-11:30 tomorrow morning. What kind of shift is that?! Waste of time.

So I started thinking about quitting. I mean, the plan was for me to be subbing, not cashiering during the day - and cashiering late at night. Since I've been working, I haven't followed up with the system to see why I haven't moved to the next step in the long subbing process. Add to that my sick children at home, the fact that I may be battling a serious disease - which, I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but in my heart of hearts I feel like things are NOT going to be good when I get my boob-o-gram - and the lack of customers to keep me from thinking about all these things, and I had one foot out the door.

Strike three came an hour into my shift, when the customer service girl called me over, started to hand me a feather duster, and asked me to clean shelves. If found myself blurting out, "Um, no, I think I'm going to quit instead."

Her eyes got all round and she rushed around to hug me, asking, "Was it something I said?" I mumbled something about maybe having breast cancer (I am so dramatic!!!) and burst into tears, and she was like, "please don't quit, please don't quit, talk to C. tomorrow" etc.

I got my measly paycheck, punched out and left. I think I quit. I'm not entirely sure, but I think I did. Does this mean I can't go grocery shopping there now? Because that will suck, a lot.

I am so spontaneous sometimes. It has mostly been for the good, but, geesh! I drive myself crazy!

Anyway, so I went home to face The Sick. Instead, I found myself utterly exhausted and lay down for a nap with the kiddos. Rob napped upstairs with Sophia, and I slept downstairs with the bigs.

No sooner did I get up and come over here to the computer, then Sophie trotted downstairs, came over to me, and started to whine the sick whine, "Mommeeeeeeee!"


She opened her mouth and vomited straight into my face, all over my clothes, the chair, the floor, and herself.


Like I said the other day, this is a child who rarely vomits, so I knew things were pretty back. She generally has an iron stomach.

I picked her up and carried her upstairs into the shower with me, leaving my poor hubs to sop up the puke. Totally liquid, at least, no chunks. Thank heavens for small favors! But it was a bucketful. Why am I sharing the puke details?! Because it's 2:10 AM and I can, that's why.

She has a big booboo on her back, covered in a Band-aid, so she sobbed in the shower, telling me she didn't want me to wash her. I kept shh-shhing her, telling her I could put on a new band-aid, but she was pretty inconsolable. She kept begging me for water (while we were in the shower), but I told her she needed to wait a little while because her tummy was upset.

She wanted water so badly, I knew she was becoming dehydrated, so I decided on the spot to whisk the three of them back off to the ER. It was too late in the day to snag a regular doctor appointment, so I had no choice. We said good bye to Dad, packed them up in jammies and socks and comfy coats, and off we went.

Halfway there, I heard Sophie puking all over my car. Again, AWESOME. At least her coat and my huge bag stuffed full of canvas bags caught most of it, and can be easily laundered. She didn't get any on herself, miraculously, so I didn't have to go home and change her.

At the ER, we checked in, and all three kids were handed hospital barf bags. Both girls quickly made use of theirs, which I guess set off some kind of bells to move us up faster in triage, because we were abruptly taken to the back - ahead of at least two dozen people in the waiting room.

I kept hearing "where is the Odette family? I have the Odette family. Odette family this, Odette family that..."

Vitals were checked, and soon the doctor came in to check them. I'd thought it would be a couple hours' wait, but they were seen immediately! He didn't hear anything peculiar in Chloë's chest, but he sent her off for x-rays after I told him she was diagnosed with pneumonia yesterday. The x-rays came back clear, so the other two weren't checked.

I was sure he was going to put the girls on IV fluids, as he'd mentioned on his first visit, but for some reason I forgot to ascertain, he changed his mind and abruptly discharged them. He pronounced them sick with the flu, but too far in to be given Tamiflu.  Of course, he told me to give them lots of fluids, but didn't quite mention how I was supposed to do that when they kept puking everything up, other than to say "try to give it when their fevers are down."

Hm, great.

On the way home, I briefly contemplated calling in a cleaning service to sanitize the house from top to bottom, until I remembered we have no money for that. Crap. That means it's up to me!

I stopped at the store for some popsicles, OJ and goldfish crackers, which the boy requested. We got home at 1800, and Sophia ate a popsicle. I was at the stove, heating up a pot of chicken noodle soup for Chloë and Jack, when I heard a weird burping noise. I asked who that was and turned around just in time to see Sophie upchucking her popsicle all over the back of the dog.

It just kept getting better and better, folks!!

So I quickly cleaned that up, and was glad that again she didn't get herself. After realizing the futility of my instructions to run to the bathroom when she had to be sick, I fashioned her a barf bag like the one at the hospital. She hasn't barfed since. That sound you hear is me, knocking on wood.

She asked for some soup, so I heated up some broth, no noodles. She didn't touch it, but she did sip a little orange juice, and she managed to keep that down. Phew.

So after that, everyone was flopped back down on the couch, and I planned to start cleaning in earnest. Only... I fell asleep with them again! Lazy bones. I'm just so tired lately. And when I got up, I had the deep cough back in my chest that I was free of for the past several days. Great. If I get sick again, I will positively lose it!

We slept for hours, too. It was after 2200 when I woke up. I sent Chloë up to bed; she and Jack MAY go to school in the morning, depending on how they're doing. We'll see. Sophie is a definite no. The other two stayed asleep.

Rob came home, so I went out to Walgreens to do a little fun shopping. I say "fun," because I worked out some deals to get lots of stuff for free:


{For all that, I paid right about $20. I got $46 in free stuff!  Now I'm done with buying Halloween candy (we get a lot of ToTers), and I can use those three Mentos gums for Tooth Fairy gifts. Rob, of course, will eat the five Snickers I got free, and we really needed that toothpaste. I collect lots of chapstick, so yay, and the kids will drink up some of that Sprite tomorrow, I'm sure. So I only ended up with two things I can't use (the Dulcolax and Lysol refill I don't have the dispenser for), which I'll post on Freecycle for some other lucky soul.}

I could have gotten lots more, but they were out of lots of their advertised deals. That always drives me nuts, stupid Walgreens!

It's now 0230. I'm going to give the littlest another shot of cough meds and then try to get her settled down again. Ciao!