Three Down, None To Go...
Aloha Friday

Update From The FluHaus

So... after three days of cleaning up puke (not counting last week's Sophie episode), and a good day of rest today, the kids are going back to school tomorrow.


Unfortunately, now Rob and I have the flu. I've been throwing up - well, at lest dry heaving, since I rarely have anything in me TO throw up - and we've both had fevers. Rob, normally a weeny boy when he's sick, has had to suck it up and go to work anyway. He's the only inspector on duty at night, so they'd pretty much have to shut the whole hangar down without him. Poor guy.

I, on the other hand, have been lying around, saying, "yes" whenever the kids ask me if they can have a yogurt/juicebox/fruit snack/go at each other, not caring so much as long as they were taken care of.

Until this evening, when they all begged me for soup for like an HOUR before I got up off my sick bed and made it to the kitchen. Because they all wanted it, I made two cans.

And you know what? They didn't eat one single bite of it. It's all still sitting there on the table, for me to scowl at whenever I walk in there.

I'd eat it, but I can't have soup, or Oscar the Pouch will be sorely pissed at me.

So there it sits.

After the soup, I sent the troops upstairs to find Jack's long-missing glasses. Those things go missing every other fricking day. I'm SICK of it. Jack and Chloë fell asleep instead of looking for it, so Sophie hung out with me in the kitchen.

I had to bake something for Chloë's school party tomorrow, so rather than the cookies I'd planned on, I decided to use up the dozen or so overripe bananas sitting around.

Only, halfway through the process, I couldn't find the baking soda! Wth, who runs out of baking soda? Seriously? I must have used the last box to deodorize the litter box...

So we ducked out to the store, leaving the Bigs asleep upstairs, to go around the corner for the soda, some more OJ, and eggs. I was going to make up two loaves of banana bread, and that would use all my eggs. They are a hot commodity 'round these parts.

At home, I finished the first loaf, put it in the oven and eventually, took a quick taste of the dough left in the bowl. DRAT! That's when I realized, I'd left out the brown sugar! Bahahaha, I'm super-slow sometimes.

So I made the second loaf, making extra sure I put in all the ingredients, and listed the first one on Freecycle. Surprisingly, no takers! Hee.

My kids decided they wanted it, so I tried a little bit with butter to make sure it wasn't nasty. It tasted like banana crackers. Not bad, but definitely not sweet, despite all the bananas and chocolate chips. Oh, well. Fail.

At least there is one loaf to take to school tomorrow. I'd meant to send both, but they'll just have to take what I've got, right?!

I'm half-expecting someone to call home and need to be picked up tomorrow. Not sure who, though. Wanna place bets?


P.S. Thanks SO much for not ragging on me about quitting my job. I realize how it sounded... but I seriously hate cleaning! lol