Thoroughly Aggravated
Rainy Sunday

Trick Or Treat!

I'm still not over the tutu-stealing debacle. Ugh! Pissed, I am.

But anyway. Halloween!

The kids' day was kind of lame, unfortunately. They still do not feel too well at all. We all, except Rob, slept downstairs on the couches together, and I slept 'til nearly noon. They were up and about by then, but certainly not what I would call chipper.

Soon after, Rob came down, and sent the three of them upstairs to find the two pairs of missing glasses. Instead, Jack and Chloë settled in for long naps. I mean, they slept an age.

Sophie came down and visited with me for a while until I had her rouse her daddy, who was sleepy most of the day, to send him out for my $1 Boston Market meal that I never got yesterday. I was craving it like mad, and I figured after running his food to him yesterday in the midst of my busyness, he could run out and do this for me.

Only I didn't warn him that everyone and their brother would be holding the same coupon, and the line would be look, as he put it, "like a line for medical marijuana in Humboldt County."

He was kind of miffed. I tried to feel bad, really I did, but mostly I was relieved that it wasn't me! (Again. I did it yesterday but, as I mentioned, ended up having to leave two cars before my turn at the menu board, having forgotten my wallet!)

I spent my day making tutus. I'm on a kick, and since I've sold about 10 in the last day or two, I need to replenish my Etsy stock. I'll show those in a bit.

Shortly before they returned home, the Bigs woke up from their naps. Jack went straight to the couch and lay down under the blanket, which is so uncharacteristic of him. He didn't want anything, no food, no drink, just TV.

None of them have eaten all week. Chloë came down in just her underwear, and the sight of her made me gasp out loud. She was positively skeletal. She's very thin to begin with, but now she's skin and bones, much too thin for an 8yo little girl. I think she probably lost about three of her 38-or-39 pounds. :(

I did get her to eat a big bowl of cereal, and Jack finally munched on a bunch of carrots, so I was relieved to see them eating something at last! RELIEVED.

At almost 1800, I pulled out my big bowl of candy in anticipation for all the kiddies I was going to receive. Only, now Jack was refusing to go out, just not feeling up to it, and Sophia had fallen asleep. Chloë was raring to go. I knew Soap would be mad if she missed out on trick-or-treating, so after several attempts, we got her awake and in her costume. She was NOT in the mood, but she was determined to get out there.

Waking up the father was a different matter. It took me 20 minutes to get his arse up. I took pictures of the girls in their costumes while I waited:


First, two girls came up for candy just as I was about to take the first picture, and she ducked shyly behind her sister to get away from them! This is very unlike her. Normally, she is outgoing, all smiles, and gregarious. Clearly, she was tired and not feeling well.


This picture cracks me up. I love the look on Sophia's face. She was NOT having it! One more try:


Hee! Nope, not gonna happen this time. I gave up and let them go back inside to wait for Daddy.


But wait! Who's this? Little Jacky decided he wanted to go out after all, at the very last minute! Sophie, not surprisingly, refused to be in any more pictures, so this is all I have this year. Oh well!

(And none of you poopers answered my poll, so I decided to go back to my original idea and have the photo at Picture People tomorrow just be of Rob in uniform. So there!)

They did not last long. First, they came back after about 15 minutes to bring Sophie home, because she was scared of the dark. She shucked off her clothes and dug into her slightly-filled candy bucket.

Then, about 20 minutes later, Jack called it quits. As he was coming in the door, Chloë decided her feet were hurting her, and she gave up, too! And that was it.

But it wasn't a great year for TorT'ers either, and I ended up having waaaaaay too much candy. I was giving out 2 and 3 pieces at a time from the very beginning, and we still have about 1/3 of the bucket full! So my kids will have their candy anyway, oh, well. At least I buy good stuff and not crappy candy. ;)

Confession: I ate a Butterfinger. I LOVE Butterfingers. Love them. And I couldn't resist. I didn't dump, but I felt a little of the "carb coma" afterward. However, I did learn that chocolate just doesn't taste that good to me anymore. It's sickeningly sweet and cloying, and I don't care if I never eat it again.  So very well, then. Back to my sugar-free life!

And here's what I've been working on, some of which will be in the shop in a little while:


Purple and yellow tutu, ordered by my friend K. for her daughter


Pink and green tutu, ordered by K. for her other daughter


Hair clips for Christmas stocking stuffers, ordered by my friend C. for 2 of her 3 daughters (she also has 3 sons!)


Butter yellow tutu, for Etsy


White-wine tutu, for Etsy


Pink and black tutu, for Etsy

So I have at least one more tutu in me tonight, but I feel my knitting mojo kicking back into high gear, so I'll get back into that either tomorrow or Monday. Just in time, too - Luke is healthy and growing now, and I NEED to finish his set!! Bad knitter friend, I am.

Oh, one more picture of a woolly worm Rob found on his way outside tonight (it's a crappy picture, because I haven't figured out my new camera enough to take anything BUT crappy pictures, it seems like):


That sucker was HUGE! A real fatty. He needed some caterpillar gastric bypass.

All right, off to tootie-tute-tute. See yas!


P.S. The Boston Market meal? SO worth the wait. Agreed Rob, since I could only take about three bites before Pouch called it quits, darn that rascal.