And Now, A Look Back
On The Run

Jafra Cosmetics International


Our latest order from Jafra came today. I love opening those boxes; everything looks so pretty and smells so good!

I'm in my 11th year of being a Jafra "consultant," although technically I've really only been a wholesale buyer for the past 8 years or so. I sold a lot of Jafra products those first three years. It's a high-quality, state-of-the-art cosmetics and skincare line, and once I demonstrated the items to my friends and their friends, everything pretty much sold itself.

I'm not one of those hifalutin people who needs to use top-of-the-line this and avant garde that, but when it comes to taking care of my skin, I want to use the best I can afford. And that is Jafra. And let me tell you, I definitely believe it has helped me look much younger than my 33 years. I still get ID'd often when I buy alcohol!


I use Jafra skin care exclusively. I never touch anything else, except things like Chapstick or whatever. But where I go, my Jafra goes. I use my cleanser, scrub, moisturizer and other products religiously, every day. Eye cream, lip balm, alpha hydroxy - all of it. And I love it. The really great thing about Jafra is that the products are highly concentrated, so they last a long time, making them an excellent value. In fact - true story - I almost always go into "inactive" status with Jafra between my orders, since we go such a long time before needing more good stuf!


Jafra's premiere products are the Royal Jelly line. Oh, my gosh. You have never felt a more luxurious product next to your skin - I guarantee it! I don't always use the Royal Jelly myself, but when I can get it, hoo boy, do I revel in it!


Rob has been using the men's skin care line from Jafra since we've been together. And he is no froo-froo metrosexual, either. Far from it! But he knows good stuff when he sees (and feels!) it. I have bought him several of the colognes as well, the ones that I think smell heavenly, but he's just not really a cologne person. I like them on him, though! Here is latest, updated men's set that I just got for Rob. He hasn't tried it out yet, but I'm sure it'll be great.


I've been using Jafra's color care, like mascara, lipsticks and nailcolor, almost exclusively from the beginning, too. It's only recently that I've been using one or two other things from other brands - but only because I've been able to get them free from shopping the deals, not because I prefer them. Actually, that Almay mascara I just bought? I don't like it at all.


When I really want to pamper myself, nothing gets better than Jafra's Spa line. Oh, man, that stuff smells amazing, and it feels incredible on my skin, too. In fact, after I'm done here, I think I'll go upstairs and give myself a little spa session tonight!


This is the peppermint foot care line. I use the scrub in the shower every time my feet get rough, and I use the lotion after every single shower to keep them soft and feeling fresh. And - don't tell Jafra this, because they would probably faint - I even use the foot scrub on my face in the shower sometimes, because the peppermint wakes me up when I'm so tired!  


 In the summertime, we go through tons of Jafra's sun care products. I use the SPF lip balm religiously on myself and the kids, and of course we use the sunblock every time we're out in the sun. But for those times when we get too much sun, the after sun lotion is a godsend. It really soothes the sting, and we slather it on just to get that "ahhhh" feeling.


When my children were babies, starting with now-8yo Chloë, I was a big proponent of massaging their tiny bodies. I would give them a warm bath and then softly rub them from head to toe, front and back, with Jafra's Tender Moments massage cream. It was an incredible bonding experience for us both, and it left their skin softer than you could imagine. I used the entire Tender Moments line on all of them, and we loved it.


This Orange & Vanilla bath set is new, and mine just arrived in today's shipment. I can't wait to try it! I use shower gel, body oil and lotion like they're going out of style, because I cannot stand to have one bit of dry skin on my body. Normally, my mainstays are either the Royal Almond or Royal Ginger lines, but I'm excited to try this new "flavor" introduced for the holiday season. So far, it smells terrific! 


I also just got this Royal Pomegranate set of shower gel, oil and lotion, and I'm excited to try it, too. I'll let you know what I think, if you're interested!

Now, why am I telling you all this? Because even though I haven't actively been selling Jafra for several years now, I'm a devoted user of their products and really believe they are the best quality available. And I'm offering you a chance to experience Jafra for yourself at a 25% discount, which is almost my entire profit margin. I'm not looking to make money off this; I just want to share some really great skin care with you!

{If you're interested in finding out how to do what I do, whether it's be a wholesale buyer or actually sell Jafra, I can help you with that, too. It was a great income supplement for me in my early 20s, and it was fun, too!}

So that's my spiel. Try Jafra! ;)