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Migraines Suck.

So I've had this migraine all day, which may or may not really be a migraine, combined with a seriously awful sinus headache. This cold is just not going away for me, and I do believe my sinuses are infected. So all around, this day has sucked for me.

I've been on the couch for most of it, sleeping on and off. All our new DVDs have played babysitter to the kids today. I've barely fed them, instead opting to "suggest" things they can go get for themselves, like an apple or orange, or a cup of yogurt. It's sufficed; they haven't starved to death.

Good thing we had no plans today, because I/we didn't accomplish one damn thing. Well, I can't say that, really: I managed to get Chloë on her hands and knees, scrubbing all the muddy doggy footprints off the living room and office floors! Don't worry, I paid her a substantial amount of Dad Dollars for that, and she felt sufficiently compensated. And I discovered something else: My overly high-strung little 8-year-old, who has been screaming and shouting at her younger siblings and visited her room for it an inordinately high number of times today, is calmed by scrubbing the floor. I may have to make this a regular routine for her! Too bad cleaning doesn't de-stress me; I'll have to stick to my knitting for that.

I had Rob pick up a Freecycle for me: saved stamps for my gran'pappy. He collects stamps, new and used, foreign and domestic, fancy and plain. So if you want to save stamps to make an 83-year-old man extraordinairily happy, I'd love you for it.

The headache remains, but I'm going to go and try to knit. I'm working on a kimono; have I mentioned that? I like the handspun yarn a great deal. It's very squishy, one of my favorite characteristics in a yarn. So, cheers.