Saturday, What A Day
Wordless Wednesday: I've Lost 150 lbs!!


I'm kind of having a touch week. My computer - we'll call her Della - completely crashed on Sunday. I'm bereft.

The next night, I had to tell my small children the truth about Santa Claus, during a rough parenting night. I don't really want to go into all the details, but let me say that they are not traumatized!

So I'm using Rob's laptop in the meantime, which sucks. I mean, as laptops go, I'm sure it's a fine specimen, and the speed is fast. I just hate laptops. Sitting on the couch watching TV while I surf the web and fool around on Facebook is fine, but I miss my desk, I miss my mouse, I miss my stuff... I  miss my Della.

I've had another computer - Della II  or maybe III by now - built, but it's not due to be delivered until the 8th. Ouch! That's a long time, people.

So I'm going to be taking a bloggy break until it comes. Hopefully I'll get a lot of knitting done. Luke's pants are due by the 15th, when he's wearing his lovely alpaca outfit, made by moi, for their family Christmas pictures. The rush is on!

In the meantime, the Advent season is upon us, and the kids are seriously enjoying opening their daily boxes. Scroll back a few pages if you want to see the Advent box thingy I made for them. It's wicked awesome! ;) Here's what they've had so far (each day includes some kind of activity and some kind of treat):

1st - Two small activity books and a snowman eraser, along with drinking hot chocolate in the evening

2nd - Snack size Butterfinger bars, along with singing Christmas carols in the evening ('twas so fun, we belted out our songs, sometimes in different keys... hell, sometimes different songs, but so what?!)

I've decided that in the future, I should probably keep a record on my computer (er, not that it would do me any good at the moment) of the daily Advent activities, so I can switch them around if things come up without having to open all 24 drawers!

Also, the girls' dance classes have resumed. Chloe was already taking Jazz this year, but she's gone back to Ballet on Tuesdays. She just loves it and is so thrilled, and Miss Sally seems very excited to have her back.

And Sophia, oh my,  she was overjoyed to go back to her Creative Movement class today! She ran in and pounced on Miss Jessica, and she was grinning from ear to ear. Quite a different reaction than she had from having to go play soccer! But, you live and you learn!

Rob is working until 0300-0500 this week, so we're like two ships passing in the night day right now, as I leave for my various things when he's getting up to get ready for work. It sucks. He was supposed to be back on days this week, but it'll probably be at least another week now, and maybe longer. I miss my man!!

Oh, and as for Jack, Stephanie has all but convinced me to start homeschooling him starting next year, instead of waiting until we move onto the boat in 3-4 years. She's a teacher, at least pre-Luke, and she's going to help me. I'm skeered! (Not about her help but about my abilities.) I just don't want to wreck my kids. Eek.

So, back to the nothing I was doing five minutes ago, which was basically eating cheese and crackers (I managed to eat four before I got stuffed, whoo), watching Jimmy Fallon, and reading through some of the 800 blog updates in my Google Reader. I'm a fun girl, what can I say? Maybe I'll go into the kitchen and grab my knitting, too. The excitement doesn't stop, I tell ya!

So please, drop me a line and tell me what's going on in your lives. I'll answer your emails and comments, even if I'm not blogging, I promise! ;)

See ya on the new machine.