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Sunday Stealing: Holiday Edition

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1. What is your favorite holiday show/animated show?

I don't really have one. I love them all, I guess.

2. What holiday character do you think you're most like?

Linus. Always looking and waiting for the perfect experience, whatever it may be.

3. What holiday character does your spouse think you're most like?

I'd ask him, but he's sound asleep. Someone annoying, I'm sure!

4. Favorite Christmas/holiday song?

The First Noel, because it was my mother's favorite and I want to emulate her. No, really, I love it its own right.

5. Most hated Christmas/holiday song?

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer. I used to love it and think it was funny, but it really doesn't capture the spirit of Christmas for me, and I'm so over it.

6. If you have an all holiday music radio station when do you start listening to it?

Sometime right after Thanksgiving. I don't listen to it constantly, though, or I'd get super sick of it long before Christmas. But the kids ask for it whenever they're in the car, so we're listening to it a lot more than usual right now.

7. If you have an all holiday music radio station do you love it or hate it?

I love it. It serves a good purpose. And it's not my main station, or even my second favorite, so I can always switch to something else.

8. Have you ever wrapped yourself as a Christmas present?

Uh, no.

9. Who is Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer's father?

Rudolph Sr., duh.

10. Do you drive your neighborhood or one near you at night to look at other people's holiday decorations?

Yes, we do that every year. Not our neighborhood, it's lame and not a lot of people put up decorations. But a couple near us go all out!!

11. When you see a heavily decorated house do you think, 'oh that's lovely'? Or do you think, 'oh criminy, that looks like Christmas threw up all over their lawn'?

I'm just in awe that they don't have other things they could really be spending their money on.

12. Are you counting the days to Christmas with excited anticipation or dread?

The former! I can't wait to go to Great Wolf Lodge and see the fun my kids are going to have.

13. When was the last time you had your photo taken with Santa? Did you sit on his lap?

I don't know that I ever have. I'm sure my dad has a picture of it somewhere, if I did.

14. Do you make a Christmas list for your spouse or significant other or do you rely on them to pick your gift(s) without a clue from you?

Make a list?? What am I, ten? We're lucky if we give each other anything, and if we do, it's usually something we've discussed long before hand.

15. When do you put up your tree?

The first weekend in December.

16. Real or fake?

Fake, definitely. I don't want to deal with all that watering and those fallen needles, and I don't want to be responsible for cutting down a tree. Every year. No, no, it's fake for me.

17. When do you take your tree down?

Rob likes to take it down by New Year's.

18. Do you shop the day after Christmas sales? What do you shop for?

I have in the past, but only for decorations. Never for gifts. Who knows if my kids are going to like the same things a year later?

19. Is your work/office having a holiday party this year? Will you attend?

Me no worky.

20. Do you have your New Year's Eve Plans set yet?

If staying home with our kids and watching the ball drop counts as "plans," then yes.