Migraines Suck.
Wordless Wednesday: Ni-nites With My Baby

The Opposite Of Congress


Though I didn't do anything yesterday because of the migraine, we did accomplish some things on Sunday and today. Rob wanted to go spend his Walmart gift card from his father on Sunday, so I convinced him to wait for me and we'd go run errands together. First, we ran to CVS to get the latest deals. See the above? Missing from the picture are the two Watchamacallit bars that the kids and Rob ate immediately after we got out into the car. Guess how much I paid?? $1.46 out of pocket in taxes, but then they gave me BACK $8 in Extra Care Bucks, so I made about $6.50 on this order! Sweet, huh? That's, like, 60-80 dollars worth of stuff at full retail price. I love it.

We went to Target after that, to get the Monsters, Inc. Blu-Ray/DVD combo out of their plastic security case. The cashier never did, and we couldn't get it out. I banged and hammered and did all kinds of things to it! But there was no problem, they took it right out and gave it back to us, even though we didn't have the receipt. We just had to give them the say CC I used to buy it with.

On to Walmart after that. We split up, the boys vs. the girls. I had no doubt Rob would be finished first, but he agreed to wait on the meet-up bench we designated instead of roaming the store looking for me. He spent his fifty bucks on a motorcycle cover for his BMW, which ended up not fitting at all. He took it back and got dogfood for our starving pooch with it.

As for me, I bought two size 12-14 shirt that I hoped might fit, two brassieres (that's what took me so long to shop - I think I need a 36DD, but the smallest Wal-mart carries in a DD is a 38, so I had to go with two of those, and they're okay), two Christmas storage totes, and a box of kitty litter for our stinky catpoopers. You didn't think I could spend an entire fifty bucks on myself, did you?

Anyway, the only reason I'm talking about all that is to show the CVS picture I took on Sunday. Hee!

On to today, Tuesday.

The kids and I played, watched TV, and goofed around until about noon or so, and then we got to work. We went upstairs and worked on laundry and cleaning up my and their rooms until maybe 1600. The Littles (which I can hardly say anymore, now that Sophia is almost bigger than her big sister) ended up falling asleep and taking a long nap, so Chloë and I were quite a team, getting things done. She can be such a pain in my butt sometimes, with her moodiness and attitude, but when she feels like helping out and getting along, she's a tremendous help!

While I was hanging up my clothes, I found a bag of clothes from Old Navy, for Jack! All things that fit now. I have no idea when I bought them, but there were a bunch of socks, underwear and shirts in there that I don't remember buying. Really weird. Glad I found them before he grew out of them! Oh, wait, we are talking about Bitty Jack here...

I worked on a secret project I can't show until this weekend for a couple hours, so . . . yeah.

I cleaned up the kitchen partway, before I got disgusted and literally threw in the towel. When Rob came home, I told him I'd make dinner if he cleaned up the rest of the kitchen, which he did. So I did. It wasn't anything exciting, some chicken tenders, tater tots and corn, all from Schwan's. But everyone ate a great meal - Jack even asked for seconds on the chicken! - so I decided we would make a special dessert together.


Rob's mom had recently sent the kids some children's cookbooks, and they wanted to make everything in them! The first thing that caught my eye was the apple crisp, because I love it and because we happened to have all the ingredients on hand. The kids have never had it! So we made it together, and I even got to work on some fractions with Chloë while we did it. She did a great job, too.



The Fiestaware lying in wait for the crisp


The kids wanted black raspberry ice cream on their apple crisp, so, okay, I went with it. I even had a smidge myself, and it was great! (This was not my plate!)



After dessert, Rob got the kids upstairs for a shower, and I went out to pick up some Freecycles. I got this lamp, which is nice, but which Rob thinks will get broken within 24 hours. We'll see. There's never enough light in this house, so I'm glad I got it.



And I got this Hoover FloorMate, for our always-nasty kitchen floor. I can't wait to try it out, hopefully tomorrow. Seriously, our kitchen floor is always gross. I can't stand it. And the second Swiffer I bought is on the fritz now, so I really needed something. Hope it works!

So how's your last week of 2009 going?