Friday Fragments
Hello, Cupcake!

Aloha Friday

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So my question for you this week is:

Do you have any décor themes in your house, and if so, what are they?

As for us, we have several going on:

  1. Primary Colors. Sort of - I'd say they're DARK primary colors. Our living room is dark yellow with burgundy and blue accents; the hallway is blue with yellow and burgundy accents, and the office is burgundy with - you guessed it - yellow and blue accents! And when I planted bulbs way back in 2004 in the front yard, I picked out all red, yellow and blue bulbs. Of course, none of them ever grow anymore, because Rob keeps chopping them down with the weedwhacker, but it was workin' for a bit! ;)
  2. Fish. My husband loves to fish (not that we've done so since I was pregnant with Chloe 8.5 years ago), and in my past life, I was a marine biologist, so we love fish. Especially sharks.  A great deal of the artwork in our home revolves around fish.
  3. Traveling. We both love to travel, and I even decoupaged an entire wall downstairs with maps! We have globes and souvenirs from everywhere we've been.