One-Year "Surgiversary"
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Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments

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It's been a while since I've done a Fragment post. I think I've missed a couple weeks of Fridays. You'd think ,therefore, I'd have tons of cute quotes to show with you. Well, I have some, but I've been negligent in keeping up with them, so you're just going to miss out on a few precious gems. Rest assured, my kiddos have been as amusing as ever over here!

If you missed my last post on my "surgiversary," please check it out! Apparently it was a good one; at least three readers told me later they were in tears reading it. My husband and I both thought it wasn't a tearjerker, but maybe that's because we're living through it ourselves.

I've been much more productive since bedtime, but I didn't get a whole lot done during the day, because the kids have half-days today, tomorrow, and next Monday and Tuesday. Weird, isn't it? Hubs opined that they should have just given them two days off for a four-day weekend. Whatever. The one thing I did manage to do was take them out for their H1N1 boosters. Observe:


Sophia, 4, just sat right down and took it like a champ this time. Thank God she remembered the first round, which didn't hurt a bit. It took her half an hour to get the flu mist last time! (and hello, do you see that "coke nail"? What is up with those? That's hot.)


Jack, 6, went next. He wanted to have a second "shot" so he could get two lollipops! Goose!


Chloë, 8, went last - oh no, she didn't, because Mama got one, too! I figured why not, it's free and I'm there, might as well not get Swine Flu myself, right?

And while we were there, I noticed that Sophie's eyes looked downright brown. Huh? All the kids have had straight-up hazel eyes their whole lives - at least since their blue eyes changed from birth. And now, at almost five, hers have gone brown? What's up with that?

 And now for some cute quotes...

Jack: "Mom, what does ugly mean?"

Me: "Um, it means that you're not pretty..."

Sophia: "Mom, you're not ugly. You're not even gonna be ugly when you're a grandma!"

(She doesn't have a very high opinion of the relative beauty of grandmas, does she???)

Sophia had a poopy accident at school because she had an upset tummy. Chloë interrupted my consoling her with, "Well, that's just what preschoolers do - they have accidents!"

Jack: "Mom, I wish we were rich, so we could buy lots of things!"

Mom: "Jack, there's other, better reasons to be rich."

Chloë: "Why, because we're poor?"

Mom: "We're not poor... we're just not rich."

Jack: "Rabbits are poor! They have to live in shoes!"

(What on earth?!)

and then,

Jack: Mom, we're really rich!"

Mom: "Why?"

Jack: "Because we have lots of food in the pantry!"

(And he's right, isn't he? We are so fortunate in so many ways, here...)

Sophie held up the thumb that she likes to suck and sighed, "This is my favorite thumb in the whole world."

(She likes it a little too much, methinks.)

I said, "Sophia, you're almost FIVE years old! It's been FIVE YEARS since I've had a baby!" 

Sophie: "Am I still your baby?"

Mom: "Of course, you'll always be my baby!"

Sophie: "Even when I'm ten?!"

Mom: "Of course, even when you're eighty!"

Sophie: "Even when I'm your mom?!"

Mom, laughing: "Silly, you're never gonna be my mom! I'm always gonna be your mom!"

Sophie: "What about when you're a grandma?"

Mom: "Always, always, you'll always be my baby!"

Sophia: "Even when you're dead? Even when I'm a grown-up? Wait. Can I borrow your car when I'm a grown-up?"

(Not if she drives like her father...)

Our neighbors recently moved to Texas. So when we passed one of the kids' favorite restaurants, Sophia exclaimed, "Texas Roadhouse! That's where Felicia lives now!"

(It took some serious convincing to make her realize that, indeed, our friends do not live at the restaurant down the street!)

We were shopping in Walgreens for far too long, and Sophia demanded, "Mommy, when are we going to get our tails outta here?!"

(A customer in the same aisle chortled heartily at that one.)

Sophie said, "Mommy, guess what? I can see in the dark, because I have flashlight eyes!"

So that's it for this week. Heavy on the Sophie, no? It's usually the four-year-old who makes the silliest comments, though, isn't it? What a great age. I'm gonna miss it. Have a great weekend, all of you!