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Wordless Wednesday: Can't Beat Free!


So a "friend" posted this remark on Facebook today, and the whole thing has just left me... sad. Names are changed to protect the innocent myself from retaliation. What do you think? Needless to say, I have since "unfriended" this person... 

E.G.: if 75% of people who ride metro weren't disgustingly obese, it sure would be a LOT more enjoyable to ride!

it would save on emissions too.
and less crowed...
I hate FAT people. Straight up HATE. Sorry.
There better never be some civil rights movement for FAT people. If there is... I'm getting a machine gun.
some reasons why PE class should be mandatory through HS and college...
and if all these fat lazy fast food eating people think they should have free healthcare ever..SCREW THEM.
i dont know M.E., but i like him...
yeah M.E., you get it. 5/10 seats for 2 have one person in them, spilling over the sides. It's disgusting. they should at the very least have to pay for 2 seats!
no those fatties need to fucking stand.
(I am sorry for the vulgarities of my language)
fat spilling over the sides of anything is a very funny picture, erin. Skin pants?
R.A., I'm pretty sure this lady was trying to sit next to me today. http://ecoscraps.com/files/2008/05/obese-woman.jpg
Gross. when i walk by someone like that.... I always want to say... something..
6 hours ago
my uncle took a bus once. in his words, "The scum of the earth ride the bus". Technically since most are using welfare to pay their tolls, shouldn't the proceeds come back to the taxpayers? Just sayin...
P.G.,VERY different when you live in a city like DC. normal people ride the bus...otherwise it'd take you 2 hours to go a few miles at certain times of day.

Anyway. Talk about the "scum of the earth." I'm glad I don't weigh that much anymore. You hate yourself, and knowing everyone else hates you too, just makes it worse. It's terrible.